As stated yesterday, my work area was overdue for a pick me up. De-cluttering was the first and foremost step of the process. I had too much on my desk area, so simply enough, I did away with everything leaving only a lamp, small vase of peonies, my laptop insane, right?, and a pretty picture frame. Suddenly it felt like an entirely different space and I could actually breathe... sort of. You see, this year has been plagued with colds. In the past two months I've been blessed with at least six.... okay two, which is completely unacceptable given I never used to get sick. I blame it on the drastic roller coaster of temperatures. That, and a slight case of The Hills withdrawal. On a side note, amidst the flowing sun dresses and strappy sandals, I forgot how comforting and beautiful knits and tall leather boots can be. 

photo via marc-o-polo


  1. I had a few colds myself lately and I bet its because the weather cant make a decision...hahaha...Its coolish here lately and I am so ready for boots:)

    Ps: I will be hosting a cute GIVEAWAY this afternoon… so please join in !!!!

  2. That's awesome you revamped your workspace! I've been fawning over Emily from cupcakes & cashmere's workspace for the past few weeks. Especially her sleek Parsons desk! I want it!
    Hope you're having a great week so far Keri, and totally hear you on having Hills withdrawals :)