Hats Off... or On Rather.

Favorite accessory of the week- hats. I've always been very much a hat person. My favorite chapeau moments that I can remember via old photos include a pink pin stripe conductors hat gifted to me for my first birthday and secondly, an oversized, cute at the time, "Blossom" style hat with a mammoth rose placed strategically off to the side. Fortunately for me, this wonderful and habitually overlooked accessory, is readily available any season, any time.

I love this Juicy Couture hat- understated makeup with a dark rose lip. Gorgeous and perfectly winter appropriate.

Again, with the oversized hat. I am quite head over heels for this one. 

Nothing says holiday quite like the glisten of golden sequins. Wear this with a stunning back detail black cami, your favorite pair of skinnies, and some killer ankle booties.

I lalalove red. This chic hat is the ideal shade with just a tad bit of structure.

When it comes to feathered hair accessories, such as clips and headbands, I am not the biggest fan. But on the other hand, this hat with elegant feather detail has me whistling a different tune. 

I'm So Excited.

Thanksgiving is most definitely up there on my list of favorite holidays. When you think of Thanksgiving, what automatically fills up your mind? Most would say food- but for me this year, it's all about seeing my friends and especially my younger bro who bravely moved down to Daytona beach in the later days of August, I have missed more than anyone in the entire world! Heres to a happy Thanksgiving and tons, and TONS of hugs from your favorite people around. Xx

I Want Candy.

My new favorite artist? Will Cotton , naturally. As winter is approaching and snow is on it's way, I can only hope the the hills will look as delectable as in these paintings. I love how his work focuses solely on the wonder of sweets and the layer cake sculpture- the prettiest I've seen by far.

Will Cotton, MONUMENT, 2009, oil on linen.

Will Cotton, CANDY CLOUDS (HANNAH), 2008, oil on linen

Will Cotton, PASTORAL, 2009, oil on linen, 

Will Cotton, ALPINE RUIN, 2008, oil on linen,

Big Ups.

Today is a very busy day in my world! I think its more than appropriate and completely overdue to dedicate this post to my fabulous, gorgeous, and supportive readers. Sappy alert! Thanks for the comments and support- they fuel my posts so keep them a'coming. . Love you, guys and have a great week end! "You're better than chocolate," Made by girl , couldn't have said it better. Xx

Oh, Childhood.

Today, I realized how much I miss the days when I stood three feet tall and could get away with wearing frilly socks with patent mary janes. My favorite moments when I was a little girl consisted of pink tutu's, playing outside until the sun sank deep behind the hills, and who could forget, birthday parties at school. You know, the ones where your mom would slave all night over a batch of cupcakes for your second grade class and tone deaf seven year olds screaming (and I do mean screaming) happy birthday at the top of their little lungs. Yes, all of these memories suddenly came back to me and as I was preparing a batch of cupcakes (aren't they mouthwatering?) for our friend's daughter, Katie's birthday party at school, and I couldn't help but to get a tad nostalgic. What simple pleasures of childhood do you miss most?

Dots Lovely.

Although I am unsure of who took this picture or even how I luckily came across it, all I know now is that it's worthy for a spot in my "faves," folder on my desktop. I can't decide if I either want to be her, or... I want to be her. I think it's the first one. I love this lady's style and especially her eye maquillage. Oddly enough, I found this photo to be really great inspiration for home decor. Here are a few of my absolute fave ideas I found, inspired from this awesome vintage photo.

Canadian House and Home

Self Improvement.

Last night, something happened and choices had to be made that left me with an insatiable feeling that I just couldn't shake. While inflicting my bad mood on others, it only made things worse. Looking back a couple hours later, I decided that this is one major thing about myself that I need to work on. Other changes that I intend to make are as followed:

1. Putting my own happiness first. 
Usually I am all about trying to please other people that I push my own feelings aside- nine times out of ten I end up with watering eyes, or I take it out on the kitchen. So let's change that.

2. Learning to let go of the day. 
Sometimes I find myself awake at night with a dissatisfied feeling replaying events of a less than perfect day, wondering how things would have happened if I would have done one little insignificant thing different.  I need to remember that no matter what, what's done is done. Breathe, and know that tomorrow is plain cupcake, waiting to be frosted, and if I'm lucky, perhaps a superabundance of sprinkles.

My cat, Hershey. It goes without saying that we're working on our goals together. -xo

What are some imperfections about yourself that you'd like to work on?

Gift of the Day.

Here it is, yet another post honoring favorite headband line, ban.do ! The one thing that I love most about ban.do (aside from the eye catching, beyond beautiful, intricate, feminine, sparkly... you get the idea, headbands) is the different collections at various different price points. So everyone, students to heiresses, can share the love that is ban.do. Here are a couple of my favorite items from the "Heart by ban.do " collection. These pieces still have all the flair and excitement as the other collections, except for these beauties are all under $50 (great gift alert!). There are even some headpieces for you fashion forward brides (here ). And just incase I haven't said it enough... ban.do, ban.do, ban.do, ban.do.

Happy Monday!

Happy Is, as Happy Does.

One thing that I am realizing is that you can find out a lot about someone just by asking what truly makes them happy. Then that question got me thinking. If someone were to come up to me today, what would my current top five things that make me happy be. Here we go.

1. Christmas music. I can't help it! Secretly, I was listening to an occasional Mariah Carey, All I want for Christmas is You, in the later days of August. Shhh.

I love these ornaments from amazing and uber talented blogger, Anna .

2. Bright and creatively decorated interior decor.

3. Babies in French clothing. The only thing cuter than a baby, is a French baby. Here are two little chic monsters wearing sweaters by Oeuf.

Don't they look so French and fabulous? Oui, oui.

4. Really great hugs, not the half hearted arm around embrace. There's gotta be a squeeze, people!

My lovely friend and I, pretty intense, but you get the idea.

5. Crown and Crumpet images. Although I admit, I have yet to visit the actual Crown and Crumpet due to the fact that it is across the country, finding images from the cute little tea salon brightens my world up ever so slightly.

What makes you really happy?

Tea Time.

Green, white, jasmine, and chamomile. The truth is, tea rocks my world any day, any time. I am now a proud owner of this adorable print from Made by Girl, which has sparked an intense hunt for a new favorite tea mug, for the reason that my old go to mug broke a year back... rip. While searching, I came across, Bailey Doesn't Bark , a contemporary home and life accessories company with fresh simple designs. Much like myself, Re Jin, received her BA in fashion before starting her company. Instead of simply finding a job in design, she went back to her childhood love of drawing and started up her own company from there.

But as I was saying, So I found BDB and coincidentally came across my new favorite tea mug! Simple but super cute. And with the tea bag outline, it's officially designated just for tea.

Saturday Sweets.

To say that the fall season isn't influencing dishes prepared in our kitchen would be anything but the truth, as you can tell from previous posts (here, here, and here ) . Over the weekend my mother found a recipe for an ideal fall chilly day dessert, pumpkin bread pudding with caramel sauce (here ) which would be a challenge for anyone to turn down. The only way that I could translate the taste into words is to say that it's comparable to eating pumpkin clouds. So what if I'm a fall recipe junkie, have some fun with me!

Simple Math.

Sometimes when putting together an outfit for a day, one specific trend or look doesn't exactly deliver. That's when resorting to a compilation of "looks" comes into play. Below is a mish mosh of military meets goth meets country, with rocker aesthetic that seems to just work for me. Starting with two necessary elements, the knee high boots, and floral leggings, and branching off from there.

Juicy Couture Leggings, $68 (here)

Juicy Couture Above the Knee Suede Boots, $475 (here)

Forever 21 Faux Leather Shorts, $17.80 (here)

White Cotton Tee

Kenneth Jay Lane Necklace, $105 (here)

Forever 21 Military Jacket, $24.80 (here)


Topshop Quilted Cross Body Bag, $50 (here)

Urban Outfitters Large Animal Ring, $34 (here)

Kohls Ring, $18 (here)

Lust Buy or Best Buy?

Everyone knows Burberry for two things. Their unmistakable warm plaid pattern, and their stunning selection of outerwear. As the weather is turning chillier as we draw closer to the winter season, more and more people are going out of their minds searching for a winter coat that is both warm and stylish. I am here to tell you that I have found a much more inexpensive version of Burberry's beautiful Check Wool Breasted Coat (here ). I found this similar version at Forever 21 for a fraction of the cost. It has the same "London Chic," vibe while still incorporating the cosiness of an appropriate wool jacket. I love the funnel neck aspect of the jacket as well as the fact that the pattern allows the seamless transition from day to evening. The only question left is, which one will you chose?

                    Forever 21, $47.80 

Burberry, $1495


The Joys of the Holidays.

About this time each year, I can't help but to obsess over holiday party dresses and accessories. Whether it be for the evening before Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, or New Years, the search for the perfect seasonal attire remains one of the top priorities on my to do list for the holidays. Here are a couple, and when I say a couple I really mean a lot, of my absolute favorite winter pieces. Who knows, maybe it will inspire some festive apparel paroosing of your own.