Here comes the sun.

This week I am in Long Island visiting my boyfriend and taking care of a couple of things on my agenda. Upon arrival I had every intention of going to the beach, eating al fresco at a couple of cute cafes in the village, and perhaps taking a couple of sun kissed walks in an area less traveled. These have been far fetched expectations since the rain has been doing everything in it's power to make sure that none of these events became a reality. So here I am, another dreary morning, dreaming of the days not so long ago when the yellow hues took the place of gray shades, and the cute sandals that you purchased in the colder days of February, got the chance to spend a fabulous day outside of your closet. 

Photots via {this is glamorous}

Tiny bubbles.

Normally, I am not one to go crazy over bathroom design. But when I found this photo I have been obsessing ever since. The combination of the pearl sheen tile, the light lavender walls, and the punches of bright pink have me whistling a different tune. My favored aspects of this room are the pink translucent chair and the oversized vase with the assorted peonies. It's absolutely alluring and if it were my bathroom, I'm almost positive I would be spending up to two hours daily basking in a pink tinted bubble bath sipping champagne and taking in the sweet aroma of the flowers.

Impossibly beautiful getaways.

It's one of those days where the words aren't flowing and the creative juices have seemingly been drained. All i can say is that I am beyond excited for what the next couple of weeks hold in store for me. I'll make sure to keep you posted on future events via pictures and cleverly written words. In the meantime, wouldn't it be lovely to take a week or two, maybe even three, to visit and indulge in the simple beauty of these places? Let's just go. Have a wonderful weekend! Xx

{this would be stunning, just to sit and listen to nothing but the warm dessert winds blow clusters of sand}

{amazing. is it too much to ask to just lay at the top of that hill near sun down and just watch. And then run down the hill as fast as possible}

{i love this picture of my friend, Nicole's puppy, Mossimo and friend, running along the shore in San Francisco}

If you were given a two weeks to go anywhere, where would you choose to visit? 

Photos via Nicole at La Mia Vita, Mike Mellinger, and unknown.

Loving: The Row.

I am having a hard time hiding my affection for The Row's fall 2010 RTW collection. Corsets, sheerness, and asymmetrical hems are everything a girl's dreams (mine more specifically) are made of.

love, love, love. 

Photos via


In my closet, there is an array of different colored coats and jackets. A red funnel neck coat, my favorite wear every day bone leather jacket, a black long wool coat, and so on. While stumbling upon these images via The Sartorialist, I am quickly coming to the realization that there is an empty spot in my wardrobe waiting to be filled with a beautiful camel colored coat. I especially love the first girls cape... and shoes. How do you feel about the dessert themed coats? Xx

Photos via The Sartorialist

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies.

Aside from the occasional too-pretty-to-eat cupcake, I have never really had an insatiable sweet tooth. I am more inclined to reach for a few slices of sharp cheddar or grapes, rather than a decadent box of chocolates. Although lately, this hasn't been the case. My diet the past week has been filled to the brim with chocolates and ginger ale. Needless to say, I underestimated the addicting effects of chocolate and the sugar had me hooked. Soon after I vowed to cut sweets out of my daily life. For a farewell treat, I made these flourless peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Feeling guilty for my prior indulgences, I opted for dark chocolate chunks, and natural peanut butter. These little cookies did not disappoint, as they are still just as chewy and fresh as they were on Saturday. And because they're flourless, they're just a bit healthier, right?

I'm taking one last longing look, and making the smooth transition back to my cheese and fruit. xx

High low.

When it comes to designers, Chloe has always been up there on my list of favorites. Each year when spring rolls around, I know that whether it be wedges, pumps, or flats, there will be at least one item that I fall in love with. For example, I am completely smitten with the below sandal, I love the colors, the signature buckle, and especially the leather wrapping around the ankle. The only thing I fell out of love with, was the price. So you can imagine how happy and victorious I felt, when I found a pair of 80%20 sandals with the same aesthetic that I fell in love with, for a fraction of the price.

The best medicine.

Let me start off by saying that I am currently writing this up from my porch. I'm having trouble finding a single cloud in the sky and I'm joined by the company of my cat. Although the peaceful sound of birds is occasionally interrupted by a  stentorian sneeze from yours truly, it's hard for me to complain about today.

Yesterday, as I mentioned, I chose to simply ignore my inhospitable cold, and went out with my friend Abby, I couldn't have chosen anyone better to celebrate this holiday with. Chiefly because of the fact that she was donning a bright green wig with an array of sparkling shamrock necklaces. It's hard to deny the smile that is permanently on your face when in the presence of someone with that much spirit and love of life. We visited a handful of bars, but the inebriated crowd and sky scraping leprechaun hats, proved to be a tad overwhelming and ultimately, I found myself back at home topping the night off with an episode of SVU, tissues, and very much appreciated cold medicine.

Birthday in pictures.

As most of you know or have read, yesterday was my 23rd birthday. The first gift I received was actually the night prior, or my birthday eve if you please. My parents took me to see Alice in Wonderland. I instantly fell in love with all of Alice's dresses and even more with her coat of armor towards the end. Also, the White Queen's makeup/costume combination had me in awe each time she came on screen. My second gift, given on my actual birthday, was my new Canon Rebel. As one would have guessed I went a little picture happy and would love to show you some of my first images captured via Rebel. Oh, and happy St. Patrick's day... I'm flying to Ireland in two hours with Lucky Charms (marshmallows only) and champagne in tow. Wishing. But really, I am going out with my partner in crime, Abby, braving the bars downtown. Cheers.

{ruby is always very photogenic}

{vintage photos on the vanity}

{my dad and Hershey... I'm not a fan of the flash but this picture of them is so perfect}

Olives and tea.

A few weeks ago, I purchased a perfect and impossible comfortable pair of taupe Jbrand skinny jeans. Although, my array of black tops (I'm finding I have way too many), are proving to be a bore when paired with the neutral tone of my new purchase. This photo, taken at the Burberry Prorsum show, has been a significant inspiration when it comes to spring wardrobe selection. I am coming to the realization that I am a huge fan of the combination of taupe and olive tones.

 Now, if you would excuse me, I have a date with throat numbing medicine and a steaming hot cup of minty tea. It's the day before my birthday and out of nowhere, I was blessed with a sore throat. Lovely. Do you have any tricks you use to mend your throat back to health? I'll take all the help I can get. xx

We all live in a yellow submarine.

Okay, I saw this week coming by a long shot. The week prior was nothing but bliss and pure luck, so evidently you have to take the good with the bad, right? It's Wednesday, and already since Sunday, a few events have happened that have been less than favorable. In lieu of staying in tonight and dwelling on these circumstances, I am going to take the pup for a long walk, don a mint candy apple manicure, and meet the girls for thai dumplings and martinis, a proven cure all for turning the blues into yellows. When life gives you lemons.

Photo cred: The Sartorialist

Stay classy.

It's no secret that I am besotted with sparkly headpieces with impossible detail, it should also come as no surprise that I am also fond of the headwear company In spirit of St. Patrick's day coming up in less than ten days, I received this (gold and green) little thing in the mail from them yesterday, and I've been shamelessly donning it ever since. If you visit the site within the month of March, especially before the 17th, you'll notice a very generous opportunity. *hint- giveaway. 

On another note, last St. Patrick's day, I spent the majority of my time in an uptown office in a predominantly all black outfit, working on exclusive guest lists and taking inventory of ghost candelabras. I'm pretty sure around five p.m., when I was on my way home, the majority of Manhattan was respectively passed out in their beds/friend's couches/bar stools, due to an excess of green food colored beer with one too many 'kiss me I'm Irish' cheap bead necklaces dangling lifelessly from their necks. Oh yes, March 17th will always be known as one of the more classy holidays of the year. What tasteful events do you plan on partaking in this St. Patrick's day? This year, I would love to be in a field in Ireland, eating a bowl of only Lucky Charm marshmallows, while sipping on a bottomless glass of champagne... who's with me?

Spring's around the corner.

Today is expected to reach 50 degrees, which is quite a change from the 20 degree snow storm blessed days we've been experiencing over the past couple of weeks. I always love the month of March because 1. hi, it's my birthday month and 2. it always seems as though spring is in the air- even if snow is on the ground, it's always the month of March that marks the beginning of my spring wardrobe shopping. Which brings me to Alexander Wang... yes, again. His spring collection is killing me and potentially my bank account. It's quite a task picking a favorite because literally, almost every single piece is what I happen to be desiring this upcoming season... and I know I'm not alone. A.Wang lovers rejoice. xx



Remember when I said that I had a feeling that I was going to love this week? Well, I haven't been disappointed. On Tuesday, I am thrilled to announce, that I was lucky enough to win a very daring pair of burgundy thigh-high stockings via a Couture Carrie giveaway. I can barely wait for my seemingly weekly delivery from my UPS guy. I am going to have tons of fun, and many odd stares, I'm sure, trying them with different outfits when the weather climbs above freezing... any day now. 

Another event that took place this week, was my much needed hair appointment. As I went, and when I say went, I do mean I enthusiastically skipped, over to the chair at the salon, a bunch of ideas were racing through my mind- yes, I am that girl that waits until last minute, thank you very much. I decided to go slightly darker with shaggy no fuss bangs. I left very satisfied and I am still getting used to the feeling of something being so close and interfering with my vision. Much like any change, it takes a tad bit of pressure, valor, and a small push. But the end result is something amazing, even though it may take some time getting used to.

{change is good, n'est pas?}

A quality week, indeed. I hope it has been favorable to you as well. Xx

Aubrianna's cake.

It's been quite some time without a cake post. This week I had the pleasure of creating a shopping bag cake for a lovely girl named Aubrianna. She turns eighteen tomorrow so when asked to make a special custom cake just for her, we were totally up for the challenge. We based the design of the cake around all of the things that she loves. She's quite fond of shopping (a girl after my own heart), her cat, Max, basketball, and jewelry. Needless to say, my creative juices left me completely drained and I believe now is a good time for a cup of green and chamomile tea. Bon nuit.

Rhapsody blues.

Most children devote their time playing soccer, battling G.I. Joes in the bathtub, or getting together with the neighborhood girls for an after school tea party. Me on the other hand, I spent most of my time either writing outlandish short stories or spending exhausting hours at a dance studio, and other times I would stray off to my own world where I was a proud owner of a clothing boutique and I could use my imagination to go crazy with a selection that I knew my Barbies and stuffed animals couldn't object to. 

Here we are a good eighteen years later and I'm committing each evening to writing posts about whatever I find important or riveting as well as racking the images on and other fashion blogs, selecting my favorite looks from the au courant runway collections. So, with that being said, below are a few of my picks from the Fall '10 shows, with a color palette surrounding the darker shades of navy. 

{Burberry Prorsum}

{Alexander Wang}

{Bottega Vanetta}

{Brian Reyes}


As you can see, darlings, this site has had some major work done. Coincidentally this change has kick started something in my brain where I want to re-do multiple aspects of my life. My bedroom being top priority. Although I love the varying bright hues of yellow and the unparalleled freshness of green, I'm thinking something along the lines of the image below. Teal, gold, with hints of pink. I have always reserved a special place in my heart for the combination of gold and teal, but the splash of pink was something I never saw coming. But truthfully, I'm enchanted with it. Don't you agree? xx

I'm on a mission.

I experienced yet another case of love at first sight at the Burberry Prorsum show. Let's see here, tailored jacket, check, black knit leggings, and slate button down, check check, thigh high textured boots, not so much. So from here on out, I am on a mission to find boots scarily similar to the alluring pair below. Suggestions and leads are more than welcome. Xx

Burberry Prorsum Fall '10 via

Reasons why I love this week.

Reason #1: My amazing younger brother, Taylor, is home from his "how to be awesome" school in Florida. He works with motorcycles every day, he's pretty cool and I think I'll keep him- which is quite the change of heart from when I was four. 

Reason #2: On Saturday, my older brother will turn 26, and we're making him these, tiramisu cupcakes.

Reason #3: Birthday list making. I can't recall a year (at least since I was eighteen) that haven't  struggled to come up with desired items to put on my birthday list. Although, this time around, the task seems much more painless than the years prior. 

Reason #4: Today kicks off the month of March and I have high expectations in terms of accomplishing goals within the next 3o days.

Reason #5: Alice and Wonderland is playing in theaters on Friday, I am having major trouble containing my anticipation.

...also, how to have a lovely day. I found this list on my cousin Nikki's blog and needed to share.