Growing up, my mom always tried to convince my dad to construct a tree house deep in the woods out behind our house. I never understood it, I always thought that tree houses were for children pretending to be pirates or Robin hood. That was until I saw these pictures of amazing getaways at Treehouse Point, on A Cup of Jo. Wouldn't you just love to stay there? 

Oh, and I would wear this...

One of those kind of days.

Don't get me wrong, I love a day when everything, and I mean everything seems to be going as planned and I couldn't be happier, but I also love getting out a much needed cry. Lately I've been frustrated one day, sad the next, and just confused the day after, but never let out a single tear. I could feel it bottling up inside and finally found the material that did me in. This. Which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who knows me. 

{if only there were one of these little guys included with each purchase of tissues. think about that, Kleenex}

...oh, and watching P.S I love you in the meantime, it's a done deal. See you back here tomorrow, in a much better and chipper state of mind.

Head over heels.

I came across this editorial in the June '09 Vogue, and was immediately head over heels. I'm captivated by the blue sequin skirt paired with the sailor stripe shirt! How chic of you, V. And don't get me started on the array of colorful lucite bangles. I predict that when I am on my Paris voyage, a pair of retro roller skates will be on my list of demands... solely because of this image. Suddenly, wiping out on skates seems a bit more glamourous than painful, no?

Get in my closet.

Proof that dreams really do come true. It's no secret that I'm a sucker for ruffles, flirty skirts, and stripes, especially when two of the three are paired. I am enamored with the stripe low back romper, perfect for a fabulous beach side fiesta... snap out of it, Keri.  Now, I just need another occasion (warmer weather a plus) to wear this

Showing your age.

When my great grandmother passed a couple weeks ago, my grandfather brought up an old journal of hers, which included a few loose leaf papers with scribbles and notes. On one of these papers, were the rules and regulations for school teachers during the year of 1915 (Nicole, you'll love this). Sorry to say it, but 1915, you're definitely showing your age. As far as I'm concerned, fashionistas and ice cream-aholics would have made a less than ideal school teachers. It goes without saying, I'm out. 

Rule #1: You will not marry during the term of your contract.
Rule #2: You are not to keep company with men.
Rule #3: You must be home between the hours of 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. unless attending a school function.
*Rule #4: You may not loiter downtown in ice cream stores.
Rule #5: You many not travel beyond city limits unless you have the permission of the chairman of the board.
*Rule #6: You may not ride in a carriage or automobile with any man unless he is your father or brother.
Rule #7: You may not smoke cigarettes.
*Rule #8: You may not dress in bright colors.
*Rule #9: You may under no circumstances dye your hair.
Rule #10: You must wear at least two petticoats.
*Rule #11: Your dresses must not be any shorter than two inches above the ankle.
Rule #12: To keep the school room neat and clean, you must: sweep the floor at least once daily, scrub the floor at least once a week with hot, soapy water, clean the blackboards at least once a day, start the fire at 7 a.m. so the room will be warm by 8 a.m.


*A few of my favorites.
Photo cred: Flickr

Beauty and the beast.


Big news. So, my boyffie's blog is officially up and running. All of my fashionista and cupcake obsessed readers, I know there's a guy in your life that can appreciate cars. Turn him on to Ivy League East to get them out of your hair for a while. 

On another note, those shoes... Aperla├» lace up sandal. I desperately need them. Xx

The sweetest thing.

As Valentines day is drawing nearer, so many pretty little things have been popping up in stores. These are some of my favorite girly pieces found at beloved retailer, Shopbop.

1. Pink ruffle skirt, Adam
2. Beaded link necklace, Sachin + Babi
3. Flower tank, Haute Hippie
4. Heart earrings, Marc by Marc Jacobs
5. Ruffle coat, Free People
6. Pleated skirt, Twenty8Twelve
7. Hot rose ring, Juicy Couture
8. Tie waist pant, Tibi
9. Nude bow clutch, Marc by Marc Jacobs
10. White ruffle top, Catherine Malendrino
11. Flower dress, Haute Hippie
12. Tulle skirt, LaRok

Headbands do help.

As you've previously noted I'm sure, I am quite smitten with the head wear company Ban.do. And for good reason. Their pieces are super darling and jazz up any t-shirt and shredded jean ensemble. If you buy any of their pieces today, 25% of your sale will be donated to the people affected by the earthquakes in Haiti. So, pick one up today rather than any next month, or next year even... it's never too soon for early Christmas shopping... ha... no, seriously... birthdays, christmas, graduation, they're great gifts, so why not kill two birds with one stone (I've always hated that saying) and purchase a gift for a loved one, or yourself, and give to those who are less fortunate. Have a fabulous weekend!


Just what I needed.

Last week, my 94 year old great grandmother passed, (this is why I took a short break from posting). She was such an amazing woman and we were extremely saddened to watch her leave. A day later, a package came in the mail for me from Abby. It contained my boyfriend's birthday gift, and this surprise photograph, which was like a smile in an envelope- something I was totally needing at that time. Isn't it gorgeous?! I can't stop raving about her work, exemplified here and also here . It goes without saying that I am currently on a hunt for a fabulous frame, any ideas?

*Recently, I am excited to share, Abby Powell was nominated for a Poppie, which are awards to hand made artists, in order to bring a greater awareness of them to the community in general. You and I both know that you have a minute to spare, so vote for her here!  As always, happy weekend! Xx

Stunner stripes.

Let's take some time to talk about stripes, shall we; horizontal, vertical, plaid, what have you. There's something je ne sais quoi, that makes the pattern so transitional from the shivering days of winter, to the revitalizing mild breeze of spring. For example. Plaid: many think of school, there we have fall. On the other hand, others think picnic, spring. Getting my drift? Great. So, in conclusion, if I commit to any shopping here on until March, mostly I will be purchasing stripes and plaid. But since I am feeling a little nautical nutty, you can bet on an emphasis of sailor stripes.

1. Torn by Ronny Kobo  
2. Elizabeth and James
3. Topshop  
4. Elizabeth and James 
5. Forever 21 
6. Tucker 
7. Torn by Ronny Kobo 

A more important note.

You don't need me to tell you about the calamitous damage that now exists in Haiti due to a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Today I am setting aside the posts about stilettos, cupcakes, and skirts and trading them in for a much more important rambling. 

It's hard to image how many families have been split up, deaths, and the countless people who are now left without shelter or food, due to this event. I can't even begin to fathom if I, or anyone I loved, were in this situation. The most any of us can do, is donate money to one of the several Haiti Earthquake relief funds that will go towards food, clean water, blankets, tents etc. This is especially important due to the fact that the people of Haiti are substantially vulnerable owing to the fact of poor infrastructure and acute poverty. The smallest of donations can still make a difference to so many people in need. 

Below is a list of links where donations are currently being accepted:

World Vision, Haiti Earthquake Relief
HaitiAction.net , Haiti Emergency Relief Fund

Today's to do: Give an extra big hug to my dearest family and friends.

Photo cred: flickr

Spring fever.

Here we are, barely half way through January, snow is covering the ground and icicles are suspended from rooftops and branches. When I should be thinking about chunky sweaters and thick knit leggings, flirty tunics and floral dresses are residing in my mind. I just can't get over the feeling when all of this cold subsides to 60 degree weather, when flowers begin to pop out of the ground, and restaurants start placing tiny tables with chairs outside for al fresco brunches. Below are only a few of my Spring wardrobe cravings.



Conclusion: After posting the last picture and taking one final look at what pieces I'm loving most so far for Spring, I am loving Elizabeth and James, cute mini dresses, neutrals, relaxed fits, and stunning back detail. Have a great weekend! Xx

Wednesday love.

Good morning, afternoon, and evening, darlings. Today is Wednesday. To many of you this day marks the halfway point between the introduction of a new work week and the much anticipated weekend. Hopefully the day flies by for you, but just in case you're feeling a little pick me up, here's a fab image, that I've been shamelessly drooling over for the past week, via Cupcakes and Cashmere. Dibs on the front vanilla cupcake, jinx! 

Even all the way over in numbing New York, I can feel your day getting brighter already. Here's to you! Xx