Finale cake.

This past weekend, I busted out my last cake for a while. The entire process of creating a detailed cake was too much to juggle with a full time job. Hours flew by as we made ten batches of frosting, nine layers of cake, and nine gum paste flowers for my friend's wedding. Although the moment was bittersweet when handing the cake off for the reception, relief was the one feeling that was most prominent in the situation.

Stella McCartney Resort 2011.

A perfectly executed expression of spring. Delicate detail, light and fresh hues, and simply simple silhouettes. 

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Cottage charm.

An ideal getaway in my book, would typically consist of white sand beaches, a sailboat, and a wardrobe consisting of nothing but swimwear and sunglasses. Although, after stumbling across this perfectly charming cottage, on {this is glamorous}, I would gladly turn in my bikinis for delicate gauzy frocks on the double.

Words cannot describe how much good this place would do for my mind and well being (ignoring the fact that I'd be completely freaked out about being tout seul in the middle of a beautiful nowhere). I find images to be much more effective in relaying messages. With that being said, welcome to the new paradise.

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Life on the go.

I'll be the first to admit it - I am the worst blogger in all of history! I still cannot believe that I let two weeks go by without posting or commenting. Now here comes the excuse: The past two weeks were by far, the most active weeks of my life. My best friend has been my purse, as it's been my numero uno partner in crime for the past 14 days. Work was nothing if not swamped (I found myself shoving 'forget me not' notes in my purse), I purchased a new car (wallet, keys, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and I have been planning, baking, and created a wedding cake to feed 200 people (okay, not sure when my bag comes into play here). Busy, busy, busy! Oh, and also, this past week was still trying to recover from my 'allergies'. Out with the cough - in with an ear ache. Regardless, I am back and will be commenting and posting as usual. Hopefully, this weekend, the dress will make it's big debut, and I'll be able to actually enjoy the nice weather. Xx!

Photo via Studded Hearts via Noelia Carballo


I'm done with relaxing. 

The past couple of weeks I've been so completely consumed with work, posting, and keeping up with my dog who insists on getting as dirty as possible, that when it comes time for the weekend, the only thing I want to do is to take a bubble bath, and embrace doing absolutely nothing. After a two week cold/cough/sore throat/plague/whatchamacallit {doc said it's allergies. what does he know?}, I am ready to put on my new dress, paint my nails mint candy apple, and gloss over time, rules, and dress codes. I feel like I could run a marathon with all of this energy that has been missing in action for days. Here's to a zestful weekend. Xx

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Packages wrapped with a bow.

The greatest gifts come in small pink packages. With the abundance of unforeseen bundles I've been blessed with lately, some amazing, others I could honestly do without, I need to remind myself to indulge in my own joie de vivre. The sweet smell of spring, truffles, extravagant shoes, champagne cocktails, and living my 20's with an overflow of whim and wonder. Each of these elements delivered in various packages of their own, and each tied with a bow.

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One town over.

Often more times than not, I find myself visiting regular favorites when it comes to restaurants, bars, etc. Call it a comfort zone, but rarely do I ever venture off to a neighboring town for something new. A couple weeks ago, my boyfriend and I, decided to drive 15 minutes to one town over for lunch. Right before we left, I ripped my favorite E&J dress, that put me in a less than elated mood. We stopped at a bar and restaurant named, Beer Pub. If you couldn't tell by the name, this spot is known for the selection of brews, and thought that perhaps a drink would alter my disposition. The decision on which kind of beer I would have was difficult, but I ultimately opted for a wheat brew. I was contemplating the Blackberry Lager (in true girl fashion) but quickly decided against it. It's the same with vanilla beer -- it sounds great to begin with, but a few sips later, you're over it. My favorite part of Brew Pub, is that they have daily beer testings, and quite possibly, the most delicious grilled cheese I've ever tasted. Next on the list, to try a new sushi restaurant apart from my current favorite. 

Looking forward to fall.

I used to really have a hard time when Fall clothing ads would time and time again, catch me off guard and pop up in Summer magazines. This time around though, something has clicked in my mind, and I am leaping past dear summer, and looking forward to fall. I owe this to the Fall collections from Burberry Prorsum, Alexander Wang, and Nina Ricci. That, and baking up seasonal dishes, of course. But before I get too ahead of myself, I am in desperate need of purchasing shorts to go along with the 85 degree weather we've been experiencing! xx

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Pretty organized.

This weekend flew by way too fast - agreed? One blink and Friday ever so quickly morphed into Sunday afternoon. I have a sudden need to get organized to take on the upcoming week fearlessly. I think I'll start with something similar to this. Black and white has forever been a classic favorite of mine, and through this technique, literally everything you need before jetting out the door  is conveniently grouped together for your convenience. No more getting half way to your destination, and realizing your sans your phone. My favorite part of this idea, is the black flower ribbon. Chic, n'est pas?

photo via {this is glamorous}

House sitting.

My brother and sister in law are having a weekend to themselves, which means it's me, their pup, and two overly active cats, spending two entire days and nights together - I am in pure heaven. Just about a half hour ago, their dog ,Gaia, and I, sat on the porch watching the sun set, a bubble bath in an enormous jacuzzi tub is in my very near future, and a slumber spent on a "cloud" mattress, things honestly could not get better. To top it off, the Nightcap dress came yesterday evening. (I wore it getting ready for work this morning. note: I did not wear it to work, just when blow drying my hair and applying makeup at 7am) The following picture nabs my feelings all in one. Here's to another amazing weekend, darlings! xx

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Style double.

When it comes to composing an outfit, I like to go a little crazy making looks my own. Mixing structured and laid back items are usually where my style tends to lean. When flipping through the pages of my mail delivered bible, I came across a story, featuring Gaia Repossi (random fact of the day: my older brother's puppy is named Gaia). To my surprise, her style couldn't be more 'me'. I can't help but be completely smitten and captivated with each and every outfit  in these images, especially the above image.

I guess if i had to share a closet, I wouldn't mind swapping a clog here, a dress there. Of course, it makes it more appealing that her closet is located in Paris. xx

Photos via Harpers Bazaar

Summer kind of wonderful.

My throat is sore, temperatures are skimming 80 degrees (if not 90) daily, and I could really go for this at the moment. I'm not joking when I say that the clouds are beginning to resemble the soft served swirls.

Photo via cupcakes and cashmere