Stonecat Cafe.

I am extremely picky about restaurants. To say that I don't like commercial, franchised, neon lighted spots is an understatement. The Stonecat cafe, conveniently located on Seneca lake, is my favorite place to go when I'm vacationing in the area. This tiny cafe's menu consists of locally grown and organic food, and an amazing selection of local wine. Five out of the six times I've been there, I always ordered the special. Since I am a sucker for seafood, this past visit, we ordered a smoked salmon and cream cheese appetizer and the halibut with a peach apricot puree for an entree. It was pure perfection.

'A' is for aggressive.

I've learned over the past years that ducks love to be fed bread. So, why not feed three white feathered, orange footed ducks? Because they take advantage. No more than four bite size pieces were given to them before they were pecking at my legs, trying to jump in my chair, and scratching (yes, ducks can scratch) me. Perhaps I would have felt a tad bit more at ease if I weren't alone at the cottage. It was quite the experience. Next time, I'll think twice before feeding.

apologies for the low quality iphone snap shot!

Happy birthday, Taylor!

When you were born, I hoped and hoped you were 'just a loaf of bread,' as mom likes to remind me. A couple months passed and you grew on me. One of Grammy's favorite memories was when she picked me up from the babysitters and I covered your tiny legs with my blanket, kissed you on the head, and told you 'I'd be back soon.' Years flew by, and although we fought like WWE champs and it seemed as though friends were the farthest thing we would ever imagined being, you're turning 20 and I love nothing more than watching you find who you are, and laughing at the same parts on Tosh.0. I am such a proud sister, and I can't wait to see where your road will take you. HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY, LITTLE BROTHER! xx

Hold the starch, please.

I'm having one of those days. The only items I want to consume today are peaches, water, brussels sprouts (not joking), lemonade cocktail, and to sum it up, anything not involving starch. The only problem is, is my brother is having his pre-birthday dinner party tonight. The menu? Macaroni and cheese, scalloped corn, and a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Help.

Photo via we heart it.

Fields of gold.

This image encompasses my vacation thus far, perfectly. Unfortunately yesterday, a family emergency came up and my dad had to leave the lake to go back home, my mom had a big meeting, and my younger brother had to work. All who were left, were my puppy and I. We swam in the lake, watched a thunder storm roll in and out, and listened to the waves all the while catching up on my new Vogue and Harper's, and it was the most therapeutic day I've had in a while. Often times, caught up in a busy world we forget how important taking a day off can be. Whatever you have going on, whatever paper, photo shoot, interview, meeting etc. etc. remember the importance of deep breaths and mini breaks. xx

Photos via Andrew Yee

Red, red wine.

I can honestly say that I own two, possibly three, red items. Does lipstick and a dust bag count? I went through the house the other day trying to find items that I owned that belonged to the rouge family, and successfully snapped a whopping two three images. Wake up call. I often find solid red pieces to be a bit overwhelming and a bit chintzy, but if you know of any good clothing lines that have an impressive collection consisting this pallet, please share!

The week ahead.

I am heading to the lake for a week, starting this weekend, with an insatiable craving for fish tacos, liliacism painted nails, ice cream, and messy thrown up hair. This upcoming week, I vow to not have a care in the world and take each day as it comes. Spontaneity and whim will be my best friends and you can be certain that laughter will be my middle name. Happy weekend and happy travels, to you. xx

Photo via the Sartorialist

Two absolute favorites.

I could go on and on with a list of my favorite things/people/places/blahblahblah. Three definite words that would be located at the top of this list are 1. Balmain, and 2. Cameron Diaz. With her crazy personality and bubbly-ness, I would totally be friends with her. Put her in Balmain, and I'd be her best friend.

Ladder ball.

For the past four summers, Ladder or Blongo balls have been flying threw the air like it's no ones business. If you don't know what Ladder Ball is, click here for a quick catch up. If you are familiar with the game, perhaps you can understand where I'm coming from. When I see someone setting up the necessary components of the game, I am less than thrilled. Simply due to the fact that I am not skilled when it comes to throwing two balls conjoined by a thin rope, and in some bazaar way, getting the rope to wrap around any of the three horizontal poles. More often times than not, I am focusing on trying to avoid wrapping the thrown objects around a tree limb  or a passerby's neck or leg. But much like any other game, there are times when I have my MVP moments. I can really rack up the points one minute and then put people's lives in danger the next. I don't know what it is, but when the game first starts off I'm rolling my eyes, but without fail, half way through I am rolling up my sleeves, and out comes the competitiveness. 

{ladder ball mascot, bentley}

{game face - check}

{i'm pretty sure some threatening comments were being made by the opposing team}

I'm sure you're dying to know, we lost.

Falling in love.

I am an avid supporter of these looks. Everything from the above the knee socks, leather pieces, and quintessential sized bags. I've said it before, I absolutely love Summer, but the Fall trends have me looking forward to a 20 degree drop in temperature.

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Life as of late.

I definitely do not have wifi and it's beginning to show. It has been trying to post this past week due to poor signal, but the clouds are gone and I have a small opportunity window, so here we go. Over the last week, you haven't missed much. A bunch of impulse purchases, jotting down and expanding on some big ideas, fashion inspiration searching, and one of my best friends turned 23! (happy birthday, Tara!). Oh, and please don't let me forget, a second shattered IPhone screen. Is anyone else feeling really busy lately? Although, now that I think of it, I would hate not to be busy, not to have ideas racing through my head, busy thinking of how different my life might be in a year, two years, ten years. So as I take a quick deep breathe, here's to us and our mess of beautifully busy lives.

The road less traveled.

There are so many items in my wardrobe that I barely take off the hangar or out of the box, even. In the winter, I was completely enamored with a pair of black platform booties from TopShop. I contemplated for weeks on whether or not to purchase them, until I thought, why not? So a week later they arrived on my doorstep, and I immediately started planning on where I'd wear them. It's been six months and my coveted booties have been worn once. It's difficult to wear these in a small town without feeling like Carrie Bradshaw - which I am slightly okay with. When playing around with my camera over this past weekend, I fell back in love with the platforms. I quickly decided that next outing, I am going to throw on an oversized tee and a simple mini skirt and let the shoes do the talking.

City of blinding lights.

There were times when I lived in the city, and all i could think about was going on vacation to some place very different, with green hills, and not another person for miles. Now that I am back in the small town that I grew up in, there are certain times when I really miss the chaos of my old home. Last July 4th, was the weekend I moved out of my Chelsea apartment. I flew in a few days before my dad and mom drove down to help with the big move, to surprise my boyfriend who was occupying the apartment for the duration of his summer classes, while I was home escaping the business of the city. Last year was my first time experiencing the fire works in New York, and I can honestly say that nothing compares. It wasn't the fireworks in particular that impressed me, but more the crowd and the vibe of the entire city. The west side highway shuts down, and thousands, and I do mean thousands of people are sitting for hours waiting for the booms and explosions (of the fireworks of course. Although for a while there was a suspicious whacko chanting and acting crazy, so at that point, nothing was off the table). Then the fireworks started. They lined the Hudson and were completely gorgeous. My favorite part of the entire evening though, was walking down the west side highway back to the apartment. I've driven down that road countless times, but to see the huge crowd of people occupying it, was so much fun. Oh, and we went to the zoo and saw the Roloffs from Little People Big World! I've had encounters with Uma, Katy Perry, and Lauren Conrad, and I've never been as star struck. This year will be hard to top the one prior, but I have a special visitor coming to spend yet another Fourth of July by my side, and I'm excited to see what adventures we stumble upon. Pictures to come. xx


In a little over two weeks, I am taking the top off of my Jeep, and heading to the lake, puppy in tow. I am looking forward to a routine visits to Stonecat Cafe, and ordering warm roasted garlic and fresh goat cheese spread, participating in a scrabble smack down with my family, laying lazy on the dock and watching the water flow past, actually exploring the town just twenty minutes away, and just taking in each simple and diverting moment. What special moments do you look forward to each summer? xx

Photo via ShopBop