Girl to girl.

There's always going to be that one. Just browsing through Haute Hippie's Spring '10 look book literally, and I am not exaggerating, gave me straight up chills. Perhaps it's my obvious unconditional fondness for really beautiful clothing, appreciation of the tiniest of details, or my Pisces free spirit, but these looks are everything that my dreams are made of, and a little more.

{this skirt is breath taking, i'd take it in a split second}

{dots and ruffles}

{a sharp tailored vest paired with the rugged unfinished detailed skirt}

{such a sucker for engineer boots partnered with a feminine skirt}

{boho-grecian style with a touch of turquoise, love}

Girls, let these looks serve as a guideline for some of your outfits this weekend. For those of us who were graced with five plus inches of snow over the past couple of days, expect opaque tights to make a guest appearance. 

Oldies but goodies.

What exactly is it about Disney films circa 1930 to 1970. Yesterday, I was stuck with an insatiable feeling of urgency that lasted with me from noon until the late hours of the evening. It seems as if I have a million things I need to get accomplished this week, but by the end of last night, I took a break from my list making and emails to get lost in my comforter for a midnight showing of Peter Pan. My "no-good" feelings all of a sudden receded from view. It gives me comfort knowing that I have discovered one trick that instantly helps distract my mind from the less than lovely parts of life, to a place where dogs are trusted nannies and there is such a place as Mermaid Lagoon. Sometimes we find ourself in situations where adulthood needs to take a back seat to childhood impression. 

I also came to the realization that Wendy and Alice of Wonderland have suspiciously similar voices... something's definitely up. 

Naturally neutral.

Neutrals are back for the upcoming spring season in a big way. Gone are the days of adorning bright neon hues. Left and right, editorials, Vogue articles, and trendy boutiques are exhibiting the color palette in creative ways. Below are a few of my absolute favorite picks for spring.

1. Alexander Wang safari dress
2. Derek Lam Odessa lace up sandal
3. Topshop shirt tie dress
4. Thakoon trouser
5. gold bow headband
6. Elizabeth and James gold disc blouse
7. Alexander Wang field sweater
8. Bally bag
9. A.L.C. leather jacket
10. Sergio Rossi tan sandal

Weekend warriors.

I apologize readers, for being lackluster in the posting department lately. This past weekend was so lovely, boyffie came into town, with his new camera and my belated v-day gift in tow, for an extended weekend visit. We ate sushi, took long dog accompanied walks, saw Dear John, sipped good red wine, and bravely shopped my small town's sorry excuse for a mall- I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the city has spoiled me forever. Needless to say, the dissatisfying trip later resulted in an online shopping frenzy over lunch the next day. Despite my few awkward moments of dodging kiosk salespeople, and a slight food poisoning scare, this past weekend's laughs and spontaneous events were entirely necessary. 

{we indulged in a belated valentine's sushi date}

{and bundled up to take Ruby for a chilly winter hike and witnessed her completely wiping out, in case you were wondering, it was really upsetting}


You have never been one to disappoint. Although we are nearly halfway through NYFW, something about your fall collection instantly sparks something deep inside that feels a whole lot like love. Love? Perhaps... How pretty are these get ups? I'm loving, obsessing, and infatuated with the following: the layering of different textures, everything about the beige dress, asymmetrical neck lines, the embellished chunky knit sweater paired with the adorable black hat (look no. 5), lastly, the ruffled shirts. I will wear you very soon.

Love always,

Simple & memorable.

{magnolia cupcakes}

Year after year, there are people who simply despise Valentines day. My words of wisdom to them: toughen up. If you don't have a hubby, boyffie, or a special someone, turn to your best friend or family. I miss the elementary days when we made Valentine holders out of construction paper and an excess of Elmer's Glue, and every person in the classroom brought cartoon cardboard Valentines to distribute to everyone in the class. *sigh*

Valentine's Day Memory #1:
I remember in Kindergarten, my forever best guy friend, Gary, gave me an X-Men Valentine's Day card with the words "I only have eyes for you." As I recall I was upset with him for drinking my chocolate milk that day, so I stomped right up to him, where he was conveniently standing next to a trash can, raised the valentine to his face, and ripped it into pieces letting the tiny pieces fall gracefully to their final resting place... a little harsh. You will be relieved and surprised to know, that him and I are still very close friends.

Valentine's Day Memory #2:
Last year today, my boyfriend and I decided to have an ever so romantic dinner at Chipotle, followed by a late walk in the west village. Destination: Magnolia Bakery. A couple cupcakes and glasses of milk later, strolling down the streets we passed Samantha Ronson and friend. This was the night of the infamous Lohan-Ronson fall out at Charlotte Ronson's fashion show after party... which explained her sans Lindsay. Earlier that day, I also bought a breath taking pair of Valentino peep toe booties. Very memorable, indeed.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, boyfriend, husband, or best friend, Valentine's day is all what you make it. At the end of the day, spontaneous and unexpected events just might make it memorable. Xx! Happy weekend to you.

Family recipe.

Ever since I was a little girl who refused to wear jeans, dresses and skirts were much more my cup of tea, my great grandmother would make heart shaped Valentines cookies, big enough you had to hold them with two hands. Each cookie would have custom frosting according to the persons liking and preferences. Mine, sugar cookie with fluffy strawberry icing... yum. This year my mom is taking over the cookie baking, with Nanny's heart shaped cookie cutter in grasp, she has the lucky fortune to turn out 18 this year. With an ever growing family, big ups to Jill, Dani, and Donna, the number of cookies she'll have to create will grow simultaneously, which makes me think, the more cookies coming out of that oven, the more memories, the more place settings at the Thanksgiving table, there is a direct relationship with the amount of love and support within. And I couldn't feel luckier.

What Valentine's day treat traditions do you and your family share? Xx

Step sisters.

I know we're currently living and breathing in the year 2010, and many many many champagne sips saw '09 out the door, but I can't stop rummaging through my archive of images from the past year and I came to the comprehension that it was undoubtedly a fabulous year for shoes. I have high expectations for the new spring/fall creations, trust me, I already have my eye on a few pretty pairs, but these lovelies will always be near and dear. So bear with me while I go crazy with a little show and tell.

... can you tell i have an affinity to black? Xx

Photos via my desktop shoe archive, via Jak & Jill

Kitchen appeal.

Anthropologie, by far, had some of most visually appealing kitchen accessories around. From their juice glasses to castle key bottle opener, I am enamored with it all. Hello, parrot salt and pepper shaker, enchante egg crate. Although their mugs have a wide horizon of aesthetics, my heart will forever belong to Bailey Doesn't Bark

Night cap.

... for the sweetest of dreams tonight. This editorial is one of my favorites in the history of French Vogue. Here's to hoping my dreams end up wearing this dress, these shoes, on this beach. Bon nuit, ladies and gents.

Hello goodbye.

I think I died, and went to fashion heaven.

{these shoes look happy}

{love this ensemble especially}

{now this, is how you ride a bike}

Photo Cred; Tommy Ton

This chalk was made for walking.

Today is Tuesday, which means that I have a dreadful visit to my darling dentist's office to get my first cavity, in 10 years mind you, filled. I give all culpability to my recent cupcake endeavor. Although I am not entirely looking forward to the start of the day, I have my own pick me up trick, Color Me Katie. I love her obsession with bright colors, her cute and surprisingly simple DIY's, and her writing and videos crack me up each time. Last week she went around her neighborhood with sidewalk chalk, and marked bright little footprints up and down her street. How adorable is this? I have a not so secret agenda to be her neighbor someday.

{Katie, giving her prints a whirl}

{I love this photo. Although the expression on his face isn't visible, you can somehow just tell that his day just got a tad bit brighter}

... bring it, novacaine.

Real quick. I'm also selling these Valentino booties via eBay. Just sayin'.

Pretty plaits.

Long, messy, side plaits have been popping up like tulips on runways, fashionistas, and even more so in fashion magazine editorials. For a long haired gal, such as myself, I have been knotting my tresses like crazy lately, (super mega plus that it's easy due to the fact that you braid off to the side). For those of you with shorter coifs, you can still play, too. Hairstylists in major cities are ordering hair pieces left and right to keep up with the demand. My braid of choice- Alexander Wang Spring '10 RTW. Love, love, love.

Photo Cred: