Casual conversation.

There are moments when thoughts cross my mind, convincing myself, that dressing down a less than casual piece is something that comes easily to me. Enter the day I wore a short gold metallic M Missoni dress, with a (borrowed) Cassin fur vest and a pair of flat Loeffler Randall knee high boots. It’s something about getting creative and going against the grain - a less obvious way of donning a statement piece. And I suppose part of it has to do with refusing to believe that my favorite dress can only be worn to a fab evening party in six-inch heels. Quickly, this little dress ended up in my online shopping cart last night and off my lust list. After a long week of working, and battling an inevitable cold that I in time surrendered to, this purchase served as a merited treat. I am eager and already conjuring up ways to get away with making it day appropriate.

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The long weekend.

The long weekend ahead is filled with light, loose and comfortable tees, effortlessly thrown up hair, days spent lazy in the sun, and hot dogs. Here's to wishing you a well deserved relaxing weekend! Xx

Diamond girl.

While in San Fran, my cousin got engaged! We celebrated her birthday and engagement at Havana, with a couple of the most delicious mojiotos I've ever had, flavorful grilled Cuban shrimp, and a waiter that loved us. I still cannot get over how amazing the food was, and I also took note of the insanely cute shoe shop on the way that I must pay a visit to, next time I am in town.


Current love.

A quick post reveling a new favorite texture of mine. I especially want to be wearing the tan leather shorts above. Love, love, love. xx

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Crumpets and tea.

While in San Francisco, I visited a place that I, in all honesty, never wanted to leave. When I first heard about Crown and Crumpet from my cousin, Nikki, I added it to my list of places that I had no excuse of overlooking. Once the news was received that we were flying to Northern Cali over the weekend, this tiny tea salon was one of the first thoughts that came to mind. When we entered the rose trimmed doors and our shoes clicked on the pink and white checkered tile floor, instantly I felt like a little girl again. I don't think there was an element of this tea salon that my camera didn't document. Although I was the only 23 year old in Crown and Crumpet, I couldn't help but to feel the excitement and amusement parallel to those of the three and four year olds sitting at tables near by. Sipping our tea and eating our brunch, it was the most fabulous tea party I've ever been to.

{pink ribbons and pastel colored candies made for a perfect color palate}

{tiny surprises in the sugar bowls}

(sunlit petals and eclectic chairs}

{poached egg on a crumpet}

{centerpiece for a birthday tea party}

(delectable deserts displayed in gorgeous cake stands}

Room service.

This past Thursday, I got an unexpected and nonchalant email from my mom. She asked if I wanted to go to northern California for the weekend, the plane was leaving the next morning at 10:30 and that I had to decide quickly. I was completely caught off guard and had trouble finding words in response. Although I had tons of work to do over the weekend, I made sure to finish everything on my list, Thursday evening, and there I was the next morning hopping onto our gorgeous jet en route to San Francisco. Upon arrival I instantly fell in love. The food, the people, the energy, and just the entire city had me hopelessly sold. I was secretly hoping to bump into a few of you! I have so many new obsessions that I plan to share with everyone throughout this week. Starting with our hotel. We stayed at the W in Union Square, where we were right in the middle of what seemed like everything. I was smitten with the colors and the modern east coast meets west coast theme. I am determined to take my experience at this adorable hotel and carry it into my own living quarters. I'm half way there with my collection of bliss spa products, but that's another blog post. The first day we arrived, Time Zone Nasty played an evil trick on us, and at 7pm pacific time, we ended up shutting out the California sun, and quickly fell asleep for the evening, which was just what I needed as the following couple of days were quite busy. It's funny how much life you can squeeze into just a couple of days.


she gives horse riding lessons to handicapped children
she can tile an entire bathroom
she appreciates high heels as much as I do
she makes odd noises when imitating her cats
she loves to/and actually can, cook amazing meals
she doesn't care what people think
she did flips in a kids Gap commercial when she was younger
she's the best friend to her husband, my brother

i love my new sister.

Color me happy.

I am certainly not  overemphasizing when I say that the color black is one blazer away from overthrowing my closet. As smitten as I may be with the fact that black pairs effortlessly with any color, I'm getting slightly frustrated with each passing day when in attempt to get dressed, I am without a doubt wearing at least one black colored item. I recently vowed to myself, just five minutes ago, that for an entire month my purchases will be selected upon beautiful pastels and vivid tones. While browsing for the less than dreary items that I could potentially add to my closet, I am consistently attracted to the flirty and harlequin pieces from long time front runner, Pencey. The color combinations strangely bring me back to third grade, with the pinks, purples, and reds... love it. Even more so, owning to the fact that a cute Pencey cami can spruce up an otherwise compelling get up.


May flowers and honey showers.

{berry tart with vanilla granola and honey drizzle}

{mother's day}

{abby's birthday}

This past weekend was full of family, friends, dreaded storms, baking, and high heels. Unfortunately for you, my camera was around to capture only a few of these events. Friday, was my best friend's birthday, so in true celebratory style, we met our closest friends (and some new ones) out at a local bar, all the while, running around in my most comfortable Valentino heels. Saturday I attended a wedding. While rummaging through my closet and drawers, I felt overwhelmingly frustrated at my assortment of wedding season attire. Feeling defeated, I bravely opted for a flowy, navy party dress, and my python studded Proenza sandals. 1. Brave- adjective. ready to face and endure danger or pain. Keri bravely wore a flowy short dress and high heel sandals after checking her weather bug app, noticing the extreme storm heading straight in her direction, and choosing to ignore the warning anyway. After a night of quite intense dancing, and numerous people coming up to us at the wedding, telling my friend Abby and I that we had won the 'Best shoes of the Night' award, I was euphoric in returning to my house, back to the comfort of my warm and undemanding Uggs. Sunday was spent alongside some of the best company in the world - my family. I spent the morning victoriously whipping up a berry tart from scratch, after, we went to my aunts house for a perfect hot dog lunch, to me, there's honestly nothing better. The night ended with my mom's side of the family and some home made chili. This was my first Mother's Day that I've been able to be home for in five years. I almost forgot that although sending a bouquet and a card to my mom was the most I could have done for her over the past couple of years, nothing is a better gift than just being able to spend the day, just with her. 

"you know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams"

dr. seuss

I need a nap day.

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Citrus summer.

It's happening. The moment that I laughed off throughout my teenage years up until now, solely because I never thought the day would come when I would have the pleasure of experiencing and feeling my wisdom teeth's true colors. Saturday was unpleasant to say the least, and it hurt even when I attempted to eat a piece of cheese. Slowly reality sank in and I realized that I needed to make an appointment with my dear old dentist to get this sucker removed. (Note: I still have yet to call) I knew that once this tooth is taken from my mouth, what I will be left with is a swollen jaw and a diet of chocolate pudding, which I'm slightly okay with. Luckily though, with a little beauty sleep, the pain disappeared and my mouth could thankfully, tolerate normal food. I decided that for as hot as it was yesterday, these fish tacos would make the perfect entree. When making the sauce to accompany the tacos, my kitchen filled up with the freshest citrus aroma that I wish I could bottle up and tote around in my purse. Not to mention, the texture of all the ingredients together was phenomenal. Honestly, this was the ultimate way to welcome in the month of May.