I can't help myself.

I am breaking laws in Cuppity Cake city, and posting twice in one day...I know. I honestly had to though when I randomly came across this wonderful post from the ever inspiring Bakerella, displaying her friend's mostly HAND MADE holiday decorations. Handmade... unbelievable. Take a look for yourself.

{Oh, hi. This is a Christmas tree}

{Extraordinary ornaments}

{Every sweet should have a (handmade) nest such as this}

{A handcrafted play bakery. Accessorized to perfection with plush, hand sewn cupcakes}

{Not edible, but completely jaw dropping}

The genius behind all of this is Julie, a dear friend of Bakerella. She doesn't have a blog nor does she have an Etsy shop. She has got to be, without a doubt, one of the most talented decorators I have seen ever, in my 22 years of life.

Dear Julie,



It's insane how for such a long time, everyone prepares for the holiday season months in advance, and in a matter of just a couple of hours, all your left with is wrapping paper on the floor, empty champagne glasses, and crumbs on the cookie platter. After all was said and done though, my Christmas was completely unforgettable. My favorite moment had to be when my mom opened up her new set of engagement rings, (tres long story). The look on her face was priceless when she opened up the tiny box. Here's to the ever rapidly approaching New Year. Yes, I still have mixed feelings. What was your favorite memory from this past holiday, darlings?

{ I love vintage photographs, there's something so perfect about them. I found this one at my Grandparents house during their holiday party, of them on their wedding. Precious}

{ Apples to apples round two on Christmas Eve }

{ Dad, early Christmas morning }

{Days prior to Christmas, Ruby found the stash of presents and took it upon herself to open up three, only one was actually hers}

{The moments of the rings}


{All jokes aside, folks, you need this stuff }

{Champagne has infiltrated the "kid's table"}

Santa & hohoho.

Happy holidays to all of my lovely readers! I hope your next few days are filled to the brim with good company, decadent food, and above all, exuberance and joy. If your holidays are as busy as mine, you know how precious time can be. So with that being said, today's post will be quick, but filled with love. I am most thankful for my family being home, my loving boyffie, and my more than amazing friends. And Made By Girl for making beautiful and untraditional holiday cards (one pictured above). Love you all, new and old. Enjoy and happy holidays! See you back here in a few days.

HUGE hugs! Xx

Pink Christmas.

It's not an exaggeration to say that ballet was my life in my earlier years. While my friends were pledging in brown or green uniforms in Girl Scouts, I was wearing leotards, tights, and leg warmers cavorting around a downtown dance studio in all my glory. On my eighth Christmas, my mom, dad, and I took a trip to Manhattan to see the New York City Ballet's version of The Nutcracker. This was so special to me, particularly that year, because I was dancing the lead as Clara, back home and could totally relate to the dancers on stage. Once the lights dimmed and the orchestra started, I was glued to the stage with a small smile on my face, crinkling the program in my hands for the next three hours. I will never forget how I felt in that moment, and these photos taken by Rachel Papo just brought back the awesome feelings that I experienced that night.

The above photos have resulted in collecting photos and ideas (courtesy of Country Living and Better Homes and Gardens) for a pink Christmas. With that said, let's go nuts.

What are some of your favorite holiday moments, lovelies?

Forgive me, readers.

One of my favorite blogs to visit daily is The Lil Bee . No matter what kind of mood I happen to be stuck in, her writing usually gets me cracking up in a matter of a few minutes. One post of hers, here, consisted of her confessions, (all of them adorable), so it inspired me to get a few things off of my chest as well. Here we go...

Confession #1: Mama Mia's Slipping through my fingers, makes me cry like an infant time after time. Please, no judgement.

Confession #2: I go through very perilous Taco Bell addictions about every other month. I have been sober three weeks and five days... I know, I'm so proud of myself, too.  *Please note: My addiction is only to Cheesy Gordita Crunches, all other items on the menu gross me out. Another note: The fact that I keep babbling on about my fast food frenzy holds doubt that I have successfully overcome my dependancy.

Confession #3: My dog Ruby, might be my absolute best friend. Although she can't technically talk, she totally gets me.

Confession #4: I am an avid viewer of the show Hoarders. I'm completely hooked.

Confession #5: It took me three years living in Manhattan, before I learned and willingly took the subway by myself.

Okay, I'm glad that's over with! If you would like to 'fess up to anything here, go for it. Remember, there is no judgement here. What happens in my comments, stays in my comments.

Jingle bell time.

I'm having a complete "holidays and me" day. A day to reflect on my recent endeavors, organize my thoughts, and bust out the at home pampering products while simultaneously indulging in a few favorite christmas flicks. So to share my me day with you darling people, I am dashing around the house, tea mug in hand, capturing images of things that bring me the most joy without having to wander outside the premises of my residence.

{Thanks to these little guys, the house now smells comparable to a gingerbread bakery}

{Nothing is more perfect than cozying down with these holiday classics and my *favorite* blanket}

{Lately, I have been finding myself very tight-knit to this hat}

{Snow lying on evergreen trees will forever be one of my dearest memories}

{I essentially live in these boots. They hold a special place in my heart as my survival item during a few NYC winters.}

{A pretty star on the tree, doesn't it look so gleeful?}

{I love you, tea}

I hope this post inspires you to devote a day to rekindle or indulge in some holiday spirit. Xx
You and I both know you will. All together now... life is awesome.

Oh, City.

How I miss thee. After a couple of months, I am back in the city that I formally called home. Although, when I was living in Manhattan, there were some aspects that I couldn't get over such as trash all over the place, holding my breath in the parts of town that didn't exactly smell like roses, and cabs speeding up to see which jay walking pedestrian they can hit, there are some parts of me that really truly miss it here. First and foremost, the window displays this time of year... buh-na-nas. Secondly, while turning down a random street I found three camels... I don't know, who ever does in New York. And thirdly, I almost forgot how much I missed my stores here! Scampering down these streets all of a sudden made me realize how much I need fur earmuffs, and a new wool coat, perhaps a new pair of cute knee high boots, and some red lipstick. Oh, and a darling winter hat. Needless to say, major shopping will be occurring within the next few hours.

How funny are they? Have a fabulous day, my lovely readers!

With visions of ... dancing in their heads.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for cookies loaded with frosting and sweet festive lattes around the holiday season, but sometimes the craving for a in-season savory dish is too overpowering to try to ignore with sugary sweets. If you're anything like me, sometimes in the boxing ring of food, the gingerbread cookie goes down for the count leaving the herb and cheese cracker the champion. (Surely you get the point.) Below I have put together a collection of some holiday recipes that I am giving a try this month. I suggest you do the same.

Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with Crème Fraîche and Caviar. Here .
Yyyyum. Not caviar's number one fan? Sprinkle some really awesome sharp cheddar atop.

Pepperoni and Asiago Pinwheels, here .

Cornbread and turkey stuffing, here.
Undeniably, my favorite side during the holidays, but who are we kidding. It's barely considered a "side" when I get to it.

If you have a fave non-sugary holiday recipe, please do share! Xx

spool 72.

Oh Joy , brings me joy. Lots of it, especially when she leads me to some new major favorite lines, such as Spool 72. Each piece has such character and unexpected rustic appeal. The photographer is a pure genius as well, fashion and sweets? Read my mind.

Necklace found here .

Rustic beauties found here .

I'm in love with the contrast lace on this dress.

This beauteous bag.

check out their blog'age, here .


... Aren't these little penguins divine hiding behind their little snow mountains? Okay, that's all, just thought I'd share some sugary cuteness. Carry on.

Playing Pretend for a Day.

I haven't played "pretend" since I was a little girl, but there is change in the air. Currently as I am snuggled under my favorite blanket watching "Say Yes to the Dress", with the beginning signs of what I believe to be a cold, outside there is a mix of freezing rain and snow. Let's pretend that I wasn't sick, and the snow outside resembled fluffy mounds of Cool Whip rather than gray slushy goodness. And also, let's pretend that I lived in London, and decided to spend the day holiday shopping through tiny cobble stone streets, and stopping into quaint coffee shops for scones and cups of fabulous European tea, and everyone has those fabulous little accents (think The Holiday, with Cameron Diaz). Now let's play dress up, here's what I am wearing today in my pretend world!

Sunner Jacket.

Cheers! Xx