Busy bee.

It's uncanny how quickly and drastically your daily activities can change with the passing minutes. Needless to say, I have been/and will continue to be constantly on the go. I am checking in to give a quick "Xx" in true Keri fashion, and as always, heres to a lovely (and hectic-free) Thursday.

Photo via Jak and Jil

Sincere simplicity.

I have a recently discovered pet peeve with the term "it's the simple things in life", even though I'm a firm believer, 343%. About ten minutes ago, I traded in my neutral color palette and feminine fitted silhouettes for the evening, and am sporting neon coral sweatpants, and will most likely be kicking it here for the night with my dog and cats. The simple things. A few other undemanding pleasures that I can't get enough of lately are Dear Devon posts, chocolate pudding, radiant colored tulips, delicate hued peonies, and most importantly, fireplaces. The simple things.

Photos via cupcakes and cashmere

Bittersweet symphony.

I received my new Vogue and Harpers Bazaar magazines last week, I routinely found a sunny spot in my house, and sat down to read the articles and gawk over the utterly beautiful spreads. With each turn of the pages, I am reminded of designers, designers and companies that I emailed, shopped, called, and interviewed with, throughout my college career and then some. Each time I come across Hermes ads, I am constantly taken back to the amazing and truly original people that I've met during my internship in the fashion house. And as always, I relive some moments in my mind, smile, and make headway on to the next page.

An education.

When it comes to movies, I'm not the biggest admirer. I still will take time out every now and then to watch Father of the Bride, Mean Girls, and the occasional Netflix movie, but other than that, I never actually plan on sitting still for two hours to watch a flick, much like some of my movie buff friends. Although yesterday was a different story. I planned on seeing the film, An Education, after I heard lovely Chloe, rave about the story line, the fashions, locations, and the acting. So yesterday, I downloaded the movie off of ITunes, crossing my fingers that I would love it since it wasn't the cheapest movie of the bunch, and just as I had hoped, I was enamored. Carey Mulligan is just so adorable and the overall style of the movie was unbelievably chic (the shots of Paris throughout the movie reassured my desire to visit). An Education was just added to the list of movies that in my opinion, is worth sitting still for.

Photo via We Heart It

My favorite things.

Jak and Jil is a blog that I frequent close to daily. I love the photography and more specifically, the "My Favorite Things" posts. I find myself often times than not, loving the certain combinations of each person, in this case- Tara Vasev. Being a dirty blonde, I can appreciate her sun lit locks, and attachment to neutral garments with gorgeous back detail (another favorite) and delicate fabrics that play up her skin tone and hair color. There's nothing about this sequence that I don't adore, here a few of my favorite things, of her favorite things.

Photos via Jak and Jil

Wet Willie's.

Part of the fun of traveling to the South, is visiting places that are nonexistent in New York, such as Sonic, palm tree lined beaches, and my new favorite place, Wet Willies (although the name still freaks me out). Don't get me wrong, I am all for tiny independently owned smoothie shops, but this franchise was something completely new to me and honestly, I loved it. With over 20 different flavors of spiked smoothies, you can see how someone could get into trouble, but me, being the responsible driver, opted for a baby sized Bahama Mama beverage. While I took tiny sips from my tot sized cup, I looked on in envy at my friends with their extra large king kong chalice, knowing that the ride home would be nothing but comical. About 40 minutes after we had left the smoothie bar, half of my friends opted for a nap in the back seat only waking up for the occasional bump or two in the road.

Florida vacation.

I returned early Sunday morning from my week long vacation in Florida, visiting one of my best friends and my younger brother. Needless to say, it was so hard to leave! Waking up around ten, joining in a few pool parties all day, going out to delicious restaurants with friends, and spontaneous (to say the least) night activities. We rented a convertible, which in my opinion is the only way to roll in Florida, went to an aquarium, spent dinner at the ocean, and even managed to get kicked out of a bar, I promise, it wasn't my fault. Vacations always go by too quickly, but the memories via photos are something that will last far longer than sun kissed tans and sand in your clothes.

{this bay is my friends back yard}

{never in my life have I seen so many cute dogs/super nice people in one area}

{I underestimated how great a night sipping on water felt in lieu of throwing back numerous fruity cocktails}

{I'm having a hard time understanding why pools such as this aren't mandatory for each household?}

{aquariums and zoos leave me felling melancholy, although this picture seems a bit cheerful to me, don't they look happy?}

{speaking of happy}

{kellie, me, and abby dancing away in our own little world}

{florida sky}

It's good to be back. xx

Leaving town.

I am counting down the days (2) until I leave for vacation. Braving the rain and thunder storm last night, Abby and I took off to pick up a few last minute things for our trip, check. The last thing on my to do list, is everyone's favorite activity, packing. All trips prior, I find myself putting the packing off until last minute, and all of a sudden it's nine hours before I board the plane and my suitcase is empty. This time will be different. Two days before take off and I'm already half way done? Amazing.

{I have all intentions of spending most of my days a la plage. packed are an even ratio of bikinis to outfits}

{vital accessories. gold bangles will look stunning with a tan}

{proenza, brian, cynthia, valentino... the gang's all here!}

{things I cannot forget. straight works to keep my hair smooth in constant humidity, bobby pins for no fuss styling, sun screen, light florally perfume, lilacism nail polish, aveeno face moisturizer, dylan's candy bar lotion yum, and my notebook that holds my entire life}

Last chance before I zip up my suit case, who wants to come with me?

Ocean avenue.

There's little in life better than the combination of a beach, gorgeous dresses, and the early morning sun. In six days, my dear friend Abigail and I are boarding a three hour flight to the southern part of the country to visit our other dear friend, Kellie. I am most looking forward to lazy/crazy days on the beach, meeting tons of people, breaking out my new summer apparel, and irreplaceable girl talk over even girly-er drinks... yes I did just make up a word. No matter the venue or how crowded the beaches are, soaking up the rays, and more importantly each other's company, sounds like a vacation well spent. I am expecting to step off the plane in two weeks, with a tan as deep as the friendship that we've formed over the past twelve years.

photos via marcus ohlsson, and daria ebowy via {this is glamorous}

Long Island.

Long Island can at times have a bad rep, right up there with New Jersey. If you take away the fist pumping juice heads, techno music, and exaggerated accents, this area can be the most diverting getaway spot, and it was just what I needed. This past week was spent in Long Island, LI natives say "on Long Island" and I'm having the hardest time justifying this, but whatever. Boyfriend and I visited an extremely chilly bay, jumped in and out of the city for unexpected shopping trips and low key dinners, and devoured "heros" from TJ's,  a small, less than lavish, but amazing none the less, "hero" shop. Another thing questionable about Long Island, "heros" vs. subs, but being a girlfriend to a native Long Islander, I choose to go with the flow and sacrifice some New York terms for a while. I didn't take nearly enough pictures as I had intended, but the events that I did capture constantly remind me of why I love this little area so much.

{private jet on the way to LI... um, I'll take it}

{did I ever mention how questionable, flying over an ocean makes me feel? as an attempt to distract myself I tried capturing the above the cloud sunrise}

{we took the tripod out with us}

{and spent the greater part of the day among the docks}


Camel continued.

Quite recently, I expressed my likeness to jackets of the tan color family. The Sartorialist has been shooting photos left and right of arguably some of the most fashionable and chic women in Paris. And not so surprisingly, I have stumbled across a more pictures to add to my neutral fashion folder.

Pssst- I've also recently added a few of my recent blog obsessions to my "Playing Favorites" column, enjoy! Xx

Photos via The Sartorialist