Beautiful world.

The Sartorialist is always fun to explore when my life is less than hectic {which is extremely rare}. The images of every day life all over the world are humbling. Lately, the pictures are so simple and yet again, possibly the most beautiful things I've seen in quite some time. Here are a few of my favorites as of late.

{Why I love this: the long skirt, flamingo pose, and Brooklyn setting}

{Why I love this: The girl is 16. When I was 16, it was hard to look past Abercrombie and Fitch. Too cool for school in my opinion}

{Why I love this: Her shoes, and the way she is looking at him. Dean Martin-esque vibe}

{Why I love this: So many times when walking home from my internships, classes, and work, I would wish upon a star that a bike would simply roll my way and I would make it home in minutes flat. The basket for her purse. Army green skirt. Love}
Photos via The Sartorialist 

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  1. I love the bike girl...So cute! She looks so stylish, dont you think?