I take it back.

I've mentioned before that I am looking forward to fall, but also forgot to mention that I am not looking forward to leaving summer behind. I still need to go to the ocean, hit up a few more ice cream parlors, and take more drives with the top off my car. It's hard to ignore the certain crispness in the air as August is passing by, and with the signs of fall, come an all too familiar sense of sadness. Summer has and always will be my favorite season, but remembering that I love each season for their own individual reasons make the transition a little easier to take on.

Photo via Carter Smith


  1. I love summer too and I dont want it to go away...That is such a great image:)


  2. Awww cute post. I agree, I wish summer could last forever, although there's a certain awesomeness about fall that I find difficult to resist.