Family recipe.

Ever since I was a little girl who refused to wear jeans, dresses and skirts were much more my cup of tea, my great grandmother would make heart shaped Valentines cookies, big enough you had to hold them with two hands. Each cookie would have custom frosting according to the persons liking and preferences. Mine, sugar cookie with fluffy strawberry icing... yum. This year my mom is taking over the cookie baking, with Nanny's heart shaped cookie cutter in grasp, she has the lucky fortune to turn out 18 this year. With an ever growing family, big ups to Jill, Dani, and Donna, the number of cookies she'll have to create will grow simultaneously, which makes me think, the more cookies coming out of that oven, the more memories, the more place settings at the Thanksgiving table, there is a direct relationship with the amount of love and support within. And I couldn't feel luckier.

What Valentine's day treat traditions do you and your family share? Xx


  1. Mmmm strawberry icing sounds like heaven :)

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  2. I am oh so excited for my Valentine Cookie!!! But I am even more excited to be a part of your amazing family! Love you so much !