This chalk was made for walking.

Today is Tuesday, which means that I have a dreadful visit to my darling dentist's office to get my first cavity, in 10 years mind you, filled. I give all culpability to my recent cupcake endeavor. Although I am not entirely looking forward to the start of the day, I have my own pick me up trick, Color Me Katie. I love her obsession with bright colors, her cute and surprisingly simple DIY's, and her writing and videos crack me up each time. Last week she went around her neighborhood with sidewalk chalk, and marked bright little footprints up and down her street. How adorable is this? I have a not so secret agenda to be her neighbor someday.

{Katie, giving her prints a whirl}

{I love this photo. Although the expression on his face isn't visible, you can somehow just tell that his day just got a tad bit brighter}

... bring it, novacaine.

Real quick. I'm also selling these Valentino booties via eBay. Just sayin'.

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