Weekend warriors.

I apologize readers, for being lackluster in the posting department lately. This past weekend was so lovely, boyffie came into town, with his new camera and my belated v-day gift in tow, for an extended weekend visit. We ate sushi, took long dog accompanied walks, saw Dear John, sipped good red wine, and bravely shopped my small town's sorry excuse for a mall- I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the city has spoiled me forever. Needless to say, the dissatisfying trip later resulted in an online shopping frenzy over lunch the next day. Despite my few awkward moments of dodging kiosk salespeople, and a slight food poisoning scare, this past weekend's laughs and spontaneous events were entirely necessary. 

{we indulged in a belated valentine's sushi date}

{and bundled up to take Ruby for a chilly winter hike and witnessed her completely wiping out, in case you were wondering, it was really upsetting}


  1. Keri! I love the photo of you and Ruby... and I feel your sentiment about our hometown and it's awful shopping, next time I come home we should make a break for the city... and good shopping;) xoxo

  2. oh my gosh that last picture is gorgeous!!