Oldies but goodies.

What exactly is it about Disney films circa 1930 to 1970. Yesterday, I was stuck with an insatiable feeling of urgency that lasted with me from noon until the late hours of the evening. It seems as if I have a million things I need to get accomplished this week, but by the end of last night, I took a break from my list making and emails to get lost in my comforter for a midnight showing of Peter Pan. My "no-good" feelings all of a sudden receded from view. It gives me comfort knowing that I have discovered one trick that instantly helps distract my mind from the less than lovely parts of life, to a place where dogs are trusted nannies and there is such a place as Mermaid Lagoon. Sometimes we find ourself in situations where adulthood needs to take a back seat to childhood impression. 

I also came to the realization that Wendy and Alice of Wonderland have suspiciously similar voices... something's definitely up. 


  1. I only wish the real London was as friendly and wonderous as it appears in Mr. Disneys mind.

  2. Love ALL of those classic animated Disney films. So great and Peter Pan is a gem! Love your blog!