'A' is for aggressive.

I've learned over the past years that ducks love to be fed bread. So, why not feed three white feathered, orange footed ducks? Because they take advantage. No more than four bite size pieces were given to them before they were pecking at my legs, trying to jump in my chair, and scratching (yes, ducks can scratch) me. Perhaps I would have felt a tad bit more at ease if I weren't alone at the cottage. It was quite the experience. Next time, I'll think twice before feeding.

apologies for the low quality iphone snap shot!


  1. Haha oh my! Those ducks really do look aggressive! When I was little I used to go to our local duck pond and feed the ducks :)

  2. Haha. I have a pond near my house and they actually come over and attack you!! Crazy ducks

    xo Lynzy