The week ahead.

I am heading to the lake for a week, starting this weekend, with an insatiable craving for fish tacos, liliacism painted nails, ice cream, and messy thrown up hair. This upcoming week, I vow to not have a care in the world and take each day as it comes. Spontaneity and whim will be my best friends and you can be certain that laughter will be my middle name. Happy weekend and happy travels, to you. xx

Photo via the Sartorialist


  1. That sounds like a perfect plan....Enjoy it sweetie:)
    Happy Friday:)
    Ps: I adore that photo:)

  2. Spontaneity is the best. Have fun at the lake! I'm beach bound this weekend too, I think I'm going to hit the southern coast of Maine and have a picnic by the ocean. Soo excited.