Ladder ball.

For the past four summers, Ladder or Blongo balls have been flying threw the air like it's no ones business. If you don't know what Ladder Ball is, click here for a quick catch up. If you are familiar with the game, perhaps you can understand where I'm coming from. When I see someone setting up the necessary components of the game, I am less than thrilled. Simply due to the fact that I am not skilled when it comes to throwing two balls conjoined by a thin rope, and in some bazaar way, getting the rope to wrap around any of the three horizontal poles. More often times than not, I am focusing on trying to avoid wrapping the thrown objects around a tree limb  or a passerby's neck or leg. But much like any other game, there are times when I have my MVP moments. I can really rack up the points one minute and then put people's lives in danger the next. I don't know what it is, but when the game first starts off I'm rolling my eyes, but without fail, half way through I am rolling up my sleeves, and out comes the competitiveness. 

{ladder ball mascot, bentley}

{game face - check}

{i'm pretty sure some threatening comments were being made by the opposing team}

I'm sure you're dying to know, we lost.


  1. So I just stumbled onto your blog and I am in love with it for two reasons (so far)
    1.) Your header, gorgeous
    2.) Ladder ball is quite possibly my favorite backyard game... EVER.

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    XO Lynzy

  2. Looks like So much summer fun!!!

    Fashion Stylist @ D E G A I N E

  3. I love that...Its sooooo fun!!!! Sorry you lost but I bet you all had a blast:)

  4. looks like sooo much fun! cute dog too btw.

  5. Ahhh I have always wanted to try ladder ball! My boyfriend really likes it. Cute pics and looks like a blast!