Fields of gold.

This image encompasses my vacation thus far, perfectly. Unfortunately yesterday, a family emergency came up and my dad had to leave the lake to go back home, my mom had a big meeting, and my younger brother had to work. All who were left, were my puppy and I. We swam in the lake, watched a thunder storm roll in and out, and listened to the waves all the while catching up on my new Vogue and Harper's, and it was the most therapeutic day I've had in a while. Often times, caught up in a busy world we forget how important taking a day off can be. Whatever you have going on, whatever paper, photo shoot, interview, meeting etc. etc. remember the importance of deep breaths and mini breaks. xx

Photos via Andrew Yee


  1. Ohhh I would need a mini-break today:) Awww...wonderful:)

  2. Sounds so relaxing! Jealous!

    xo Lynzy

  3. I couldn't agree more, mini breaks are SO essential! Your day alone swimming and reading sounds amazing!
    xox ashley

  4. I so agree with you on taking mini breaks. Sometimes we get so caught up in our busy lives we forget to just slow down. I'm glad you had a nice and peaceful day! Reading magazines is the best way to relax.