City of blinding lights.

There were times when I lived in the city, and all i could think about was going on vacation to some place very different, with green hills, and not another person for miles. Now that I am back in the small town that I grew up in, there are certain times when I really miss the chaos of my old home. Last July 4th, was the weekend I moved out of my Chelsea apartment. I flew in a few days before my dad and mom drove down to help with the big move, to surprise my boyfriend who was occupying the apartment for the duration of his summer classes, while I was home escaping the business of the city. Last year was my first time experiencing the fire works in New York, and I can honestly say that nothing compares. It wasn't the fireworks in particular that impressed me, but more the crowd and the vibe of the entire city. The west side highway shuts down, and thousands, and I do mean thousands of people are sitting for hours waiting for the booms and explosions (of the fireworks of course. Although for a while there was a suspicious whacko chanting and acting crazy, so at that point, nothing was off the table). Then the fireworks started. They lined the Hudson and were completely gorgeous. My favorite part of the entire evening though, was walking down the west side highway back to the apartment. I've driven down that road countless times, but to see the huge crowd of people occupying it, was so much fun. Oh, and we went to the zoo and saw the Roloffs from Little People Big World! I've had encounters with Uma, Katy Perry, and Lauren Conrad, and I've never been as star struck. This year will be hard to top the one prior, but I have a special visitor coming to spend yet another Fourth of July by my side, and I'm excited to see what adventures we stumble upon. Pictures to come. xx


  1. beautiful post, and photos. do you think you'll ever move back to NYC? it's almost like that grass is greener quote. i go back and forth between both coasts. I've moved to CA twice, and back to New England (where I grew up). Currently, and not surprisingly, I want to move back to California!

  2. Ohhh NY is such a wonderful place...What a great post,sweetie:)
    Have a wonderful Monday.....
    Ps: I so want to go back to NY ...maybe one day:)

  3. Thanks girls. I find myself considering moving back since I miss working in fashion so much, but first and foremost I think I need to try California for a little while, since as you already know, I am a little obsessed. Hope your weekends were beautiful! xx