Happy Is, as Happy Does.

One thing that I am realizing is that you can find out a lot about someone just by asking what truly makes them happy. Then that question got me thinking. If someone were to come up to me today, what would my current top five things that make me happy be. Here we go.

1. Christmas music. I can't help it! Secretly, I was listening to an occasional Mariah Carey, All I want for Christmas is You, in the later days of August. Shhh.

I love these ornaments from amazing and uber talented blogger, Anna .

2. Bright and creatively decorated interior decor.

3. Babies in French clothing. The only thing cuter than a baby, is a French baby. Here are two little chic monsters wearing sweaters by Oeuf.

Don't they look so French and fabulous? Oui, oui.

4. Really great hugs, not the half hearted arm around embrace. There's gotta be a squeeze, people!

My lovely friend and I, pretty intense, but you get the idea.

5. Crown and Crumpet images. Although I admit, I have yet to visit the actual Crown and Crumpet due to the fact that it is across the country, finding images from the cute little tea salon brightens my world up ever so slightly.

What makes you really happy?

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  1. This blog - I love it! What a great discovery, I read it every day. How can you go wrong with fashion and sweets?