Oh, Childhood.

Today, I realized how much I miss the days when I stood three feet tall and could get away with wearing frilly socks with patent mary janes. My favorite moments when I was a little girl consisted of pink tutu's, playing outside until the sun sank deep behind the hills, and who could forget, birthday parties at school. You know, the ones where your mom would slave all night over a batch of cupcakes for your second grade class and tone deaf seven year olds screaming (and I do mean screaming) happy birthday at the top of their little lungs. Yes, all of these memories suddenly came back to me and as I was preparing a batch of cupcakes (aren't they mouthwatering?) for our friend's daughter, Katie's birthday party at school, and I couldn't help but to get a tad nostalgic. What simple pleasures of childhood do you miss most?


  1. Keri, I do remember you in your frilly ankle socks, shiny shoes and decorative headbands! ...Thanks for the read; as a first grade teacher I know first hand how much fun those school day birthday parties can be, you've captured the moment perfectly! ~Shelley

  2. I see you incorporated the dots into your cupcakes! Love them!