Self Improvement.

Last night, something happened and choices had to be made that left me with an insatiable feeling that I just couldn't shake. While inflicting my bad mood on others, it only made things worse. Looking back a couple hours later, I decided that this is one major thing about myself that I need to work on. Other changes that I intend to make are as followed:

1. Putting my own happiness first. 
Usually I am all about trying to please other people that I push my own feelings aside- nine times out of ten I end up with watering eyes, or I take it out on the kitchen. So let's change that.

2. Learning to let go of the day. 
Sometimes I find myself awake at night with a dissatisfied feeling replaying events of a less than perfect day, wondering how things would have happened if I would have done one little insignificant thing different.  I need to remember that no matter what, what's done is done. Breathe, and know that tomorrow is plain cupcake, waiting to be frosted, and if I'm lucky, perhaps a superabundance of sprinkles.

My cat, Hershey. It goes without saying that we're working on our goals together. -xo

What are some imperfections about yourself that you'd like to work on?

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