Room service.

This past Thursday, I got an unexpected and nonchalant email from my mom. She asked if I wanted to go to northern California for the weekend, the plane was leaving the next morning at 10:30 and that I had to decide quickly. I was completely caught off guard and had trouble finding words in response. Although I had tons of work to do over the weekend, I made sure to finish everything on my list, Thursday evening, and there I was the next morning hopping onto our gorgeous jet en route to San Francisco. Upon arrival I instantly fell in love. The food, the people, the energy, and just the entire city had me hopelessly sold. I was secretly hoping to bump into a few of you! I have so many new obsessions that I plan to share with everyone throughout this week. Starting with our hotel. We stayed at the W in Union Square, where we were right in the middle of what seemed like everything. I was smitten with the colors and the modern east coast meets west coast theme. I am determined to take my experience at this adorable hotel and carry it into my own living quarters. I'm half way there with my collection of bliss spa products, but that's another blog post. The first day we arrived, Time Zone Nasty played an evil trick on us, and at 7pm pacific time, we ended up shutting out the California sun, and quickly fell asleep for the evening, which was just what I needed as the following couple of days were quite busy. It's funny how much life you can squeeze into just a couple of days.


  1. how fun!! and sad i didn't run into you. although i was looking haggard this weekend so kinda glad you didn't.
    can't wait to see your favorite places here!

  2. How fun...I wish I would be there too...What a stunning photos and the blue-brown colour combo is amazing!
    Have a lovely Tuesday:)

  3. So glad you two had such a great time! We loved the videos you sent !! XOXO