Casual conversation.

There are moments when thoughts cross my mind, convincing myself, that dressing down a less than casual piece is something that comes easily to me. Enter the day I wore a short gold metallic M Missoni dress, with a (borrowed) Cassin fur vest and a pair of flat Loeffler Randall knee high boots. It’s something about getting creative and going against the grain - a less obvious way of donning a statement piece. And I suppose part of it has to do with refusing to believe that my favorite dress can only be worn to a fab evening party in six-inch heels. Quickly, this little dress ended up in my online shopping cart last night and off my lust list. After a long week of working, and battling an inevitable cold that I in time surrendered to, this purchase served as a merited treat. I am eager and already conjuring up ways to get away with making it day appropriate.

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  1. That dress is gorgeous! I would have surrendered too lol.

  2. This is a beautiful lace and the back is so stunning!
    Kisses sweetie!