Crumpets and tea.

While in San Francisco, I visited a place that I, in all honesty, never wanted to leave. When I first heard about Crown and Crumpet from my cousin, Nikki, I added it to my list of places that I had no excuse of overlooking. Once the news was received that we were flying to Northern Cali over the weekend, this tiny tea salon was one of the first thoughts that came to mind. When we entered the rose trimmed doors and our shoes clicked on the pink and white checkered tile floor, instantly I felt like a little girl again. I don't think there was an element of this tea salon that my camera didn't document. Although I was the only 23 year old in Crown and Crumpet, I couldn't help but to feel the excitement and amusement parallel to those of the three and four year olds sitting at tables near by. Sipping our tea and eating our brunch, it was the most fabulous tea party I've ever been to.

{pink ribbons and pastel colored candies made for a perfect color palate}

{tiny surprises in the sugar bowls}

(sunlit petals and eclectic chairs}

{poached egg on a crumpet}

{centerpiece for a birthday tea party}

(delectable deserts displayed in gorgeous cake stands}


  1. What a magical place....I would probably feel like a little girl too...I adore the sugar and the cakes...Yummm:)
    Enjoy your day:)

  2. ohh! I love these photos!! I am so happy you finally got to go! It was great to see you both, what a surprise... it was also fun to show you my ring, and share our exciting news. I can't wait to hang more.. in about 3 weeks ;))

  3. This place looks so dainty and delightful!!! I love your photos Keri! I think Caroline from the Couer de La blog went here too.