Color me happy.

I am certainly not  overemphasizing when I say that the color black is one blazer away from overthrowing my closet. As smitten as I may be with the fact that black pairs effortlessly with any color, I'm getting slightly frustrated with each passing day when in attempt to get dressed, I am without a doubt wearing at least one black colored item. I recently vowed to myself, just five minutes ago, that for an entire month my purchases will be selected upon beautiful pastels and vivid tones. While browsing for the less than dreary items that I could potentially add to my closet, I am consistently attracted to the flirty and harlequin pieces from long time front runner, Pencey. The color combinations strangely bring me back to third grade, with the pinks, purples, and reds... love it. Even more so, owning to the fact that a cute Pencey cami can spruce up an otherwise compelling get up.



  1. I have always found myself drawn to Pencey's designs. I have that same problem, but with shoes. So many of my shoes are boring neutral colors and I am aiming to spruce things up by adding some colorful pairs to my summer wardrobe :)

  2. I adore Pencey's designs! The tops are so beautiful and perfect for hot, sunny weather!
    Great selection:)

  3. I didn't realize how much black I had until I color coded my closet lol...then I added a black blazer for good measure

  4. Just found your blog and love it!! I completely agree... I suffer from wearing all-black syndrome too :) Cute outfits!