May flowers and honey showers.

{berry tart with vanilla granola and honey drizzle}

{mother's day}

{abby's birthday}

This past weekend was full of family, friends, dreaded storms, baking, and high heels. Unfortunately for you, my camera was around to capture only a few of these events. Friday, was my best friend's birthday, so in true celebratory style, we met our closest friends (and some new ones) out at a local bar, all the while, running around in my most comfortable Valentino heels. Saturday I attended a wedding. While rummaging through my closet and drawers, I felt overwhelmingly frustrated at my assortment of wedding season attire. Feeling defeated, I bravely opted for a flowy, navy party dress, and my python studded Proenza sandals. 1. Brave- adjective. ready to face and endure danger or pain. Keri bravely wore a flowy short dress and high heel sandals after checking her weather bug app, noticing the extreme storm heading straight in her direction, and choosing to ignore the warning anyway. After a night of quite intense dancing, and numerous people coming up to us at the wedding, telling my friend Abby and I that we had won the 'Best shoes of the Night' award, I was euphoric in returning to my house, back to the comfort of my warm and undemanding Uggs. Sunday was spent alongside some of the best company in the world - my family. I spent the morning victoriously whipping up a berry tart from scratch, after, we went to my aunts house for a perfect hot dog lunch, to me, there's honestly nothing better. The night ended with my mom's side of the family and some home made chili. This was my first Mother's Day that I've been able to be home for in five years. I almost forgot that although sending a bouquet and a card to my mom was the most I could have done for her over the past couple of years, nothing is a better gift than just being able to spend the day, just with her. 


  1. It sounds like a very busy weekend...Those photos are stunning and I can see you had a blast!
    Ohhh that tart photo....Now I will have to make one because I can’t resist it!
    Kisses and have a great Monday :)
    BTW: the doggy is adorable :)

  2. looks like so much fun! and that tart .. yumm!

  3. you have such a cute group of girlfriends! looks like you had a great weekend, it's good you got to go home and spend time with your Mom! :)