Cottage charm.

An ideal getaway in my book, would typically consist of white sand beaches, a sailboat, and a wardrobe consisting of nothing but swimwear and sunglasses. Although, after stumbling across this perfectly charming cottage, on {this is glamorous}, I would gladly turn in my bikinis for delicate gauzy frocks on the double.

Words cannot describe how much good this place would do for my mind and well being (ignoring the fact that I'd be completely freaked out about being tout seul in the middle of a beautiful nowhere). I find images to be much more effective in relaying messages. With that being said, welcome to the new paradise.

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  1. Oh my gosh, that little cottage is so charming. It's a little tattered but has this delicate and quaint feel. I agree, a cottage getaway would be so relaxing, especially a lakeside cottage :)

  2. I saw this place a few weeks ago and I am still daydreaming about it:) Its so stunning and romantic:)
    Kisses sweetie and have a wonderful day:)

  3. The cottage is wonderful !! The perfect place to rest, to think about nothing, to recharge your batteries ! Perfect !!
    Have a nice day

  4. I have a trip planned where I hope to live in my bikini and sunglasses- but unfortunately my cottage is definitely much less chic. these are gorgeous!

  5. All the white makes it seem so chic and pretty. It reminds me of my aunts home.

  6. Oh my gosh I LOVE this! So pretty!