Pretty organized.

This weekend flew by way too fast - agreed? One blink and Friday ever so quickly morphed into Sunday afternoon. I have a sudden need to get organized to take on the upcoming week fearlessly. I think I'll start with something similar to this. Black and white has forever been a classic favorite of mine, and through this technique, literally everything you need before jetting out the door  is conveniently grouped together for your convenience. No more getting half way to your destination, and realizing your sans your phone. My favorite part of this idea, is the black flower ribbon. Chic, n'est pas?

photo via {this is glamorous}


  1. I just organized my makeup drawer and I love it. weird, eh?

  2. I NEED this! I have stuff everywhere right now and it's making me crazyyyy lol.

  3. I really need this so much...I love to be organized but sometimes I don’t manage to get organized ...but with this one I could be on top of my stuff....Great find sweetie:)
    Happy Monday:)