I'm done with relaxing. 

The past couple of weeks I've been so completely consumed with work, posting, and keeping up with my dog who insists on getting as dirty as possible, that when it comes time for the weekend, the only thing I want to do is to take a bubble bath, and embrace doing absolutely nothing. After a two week cold/cough/sore throat/plague/whatchamacallit {doc said it's allergies. what does he know?}, I am ready to put on my new dress, paint my nails mint candy apple, and gloss over time, rules, and dress codes. I feel like I could run a marathon with all of this energy that has been missing in action for days. Here's to a zestful weekend. Xx

Photo via Bardot in Blue


  1. WOW!!! those look amazing! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

  2. These are some fun cupcake colrs love em
    keep in touch!

  3. Yuppie....I adore those cupcake...yummy and I wish you a fantastic weekend my lovely:)
    Kissse and see you soon:)

  4. I wish I was getting a burst of energy! I have been sick for a week now and going a bit crazy now, hopefully I feel this way too soon! I hope you have a lovely weekend!!
    xox ashley

  5. Thanks for visiting French-Kissed! I can tell you the cupcakes tasted as amazing as they look. I am Bardot in Blue's mom and we served them at her graduation party from American University of Paris!
    Hope you are feeling better.


  6. Love your new dress. :) I hope you'll have a great weekend and I'm sure your nails will look wonderful. Love, Daphne

  7. hope you feel better and are having a great weekend!!