House sitting.

My brother and sister in law are having a weekend to themselves, which means it's me, their pup, and two overly active cats, spending two entire days and nights together - I am in pure heaven. Just about a half hour ago, their dog ,Gaia, and I, sat on the porch watching the sun set, a bubble bath in an enormous jacuzzi tub is in my very near future, and a slumber spent on a "cloud" mattress, things honestly could not get better. To top it off, the Nightcap dress came yesterday evening. (I wore it getting ready for work this morning. note: I did not wear it to work, just when blow drying my hair and applying makeup at 7am) The following picture nabs my feelings all in one. Here's to another amazing weekend, darlings! xx

photo via ciao chessa


  1. Exquisite photo, darling!


  2. That is a perfect plan for this weekend and the photo really does it for me...ahhh so beautiful! Enjoy it sweetie:)

  3. That picture is beautiful, glad you got to have a nice relaxing weekend Keri! Jacuzzis are THE best.