Style double.

When it comes to composing an outfit, I like to go a little crazy making looks my own. Mixing structured and laid back items are usually where my style tends to lean. When flipping through the pages of my mail delivered bible, I came across a story, featuring Gaia Repossi (random fact of the day: my older brother's puppy is named Gaia). To my surprise, her style couldn't be more 'me'. I can't help but be completely smitten and captivated with each and every outfit  in these images, especially the above image.

I guess if i had to share a closet, I wouldn't mind swapping a clog here, a dress there. Of course, it makes it more appealing that her closet is located in Paris. xx

Photos via Harpers Bazaar


  1. She looks amazing and I adore the first look so much!!!
    Have a great day sweetie!

  2. I can see you rocking all of these looks- love the clogs;) see you soon!

  3. I saw these photos in the magazine and I just loved her style. It's so simple, but her accessories makes it interesting.