A Game of Croquettes.

In the world of food, I love two things above all. Potatoes and cheese. So when I can find a recipe that creatively lets me embrace both foods at once, I can't pass it up. I found a recipe for potato croquettes here . I have never before made, tasted, or even heard of a croquette, but after I read the ingredients and directions I figured they were fool proof. The recipe is easy to follow and even though I split the ingredients in half, I ended up with 20 plus croquettes. After these babies came out of the oven, the scent of onion mixed with cheese and herbs filled up the kitchen. The croquettes had a perfect crunch from the outside layer which was my favorite part. Bring these cute appetizers to a wine night with the girls or pair them with a savory dinner, they'll be sure to melt hearts.

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