Tiny bubbles.

Normally, I am not one to go crazy over bathroom design. But when I found this photo I have been obsessing ever since. The combination of the pearl sheen tile, the light lavender walls, and the punches of bright pink have me whistling a different tune. My favored aspects of this room are the pink translucent chair and the oversized vase with the assorted peonies. It's absolutely alluring and if it were my bathroom, I'm almost positive I would be spending up to two hours daily basking in a pink tinted bubble bath sipping champagne and taking in the sweet aroma of the flowers.


  1. very adorable bathroom. I'm really into the all white look with the fresh flowers.

  2. just found your blog - so adorable! i'll definitely be following from now on.

    oh, and those chocolate chip cookies look about 100x's better than the ones i attempted tonight!

  3. oh i love this bathroom! i would have so much fun getting ready in here.. love your blog!