In my closet, there is an array of different colored coats and jackets. A red funnel neck coat, my favorite wear every day bone leather jacket, a black long wool coat, and so on. While stumbling upon these images via The Sartorialist, I am quickly coming to the realization that there is an empty spot in my wardrobe waiting to be filled with a beautiful camel colored coat. I especially love the first girls cape... and shoes. How do you feel about the dessert themed coats? Xx

Photos via The Sartorialist


  1. Digging the coats, big time. And the white skinny jeans:)

  2. That's a piece that's definitely lacking in my wardrobe too! Love the cape.
    Love your header, j'adore Dior ;)
    *new follower, come follow me too! :)

  3. Love that third coat! Simply Stunning.

  4. Love camel coats! So beautiful and versatile. Also love those Chloé boots on the first girl! <3 Now that I think of it, Chloé had some gorgeous camel coat looks for Fall 2009!