The best medicine.

Let me start off by saying that I am currently writing this up from my porch. I'm having trouble finding a single cloud in the sky and I'm joined by the company of my cat. Although the peaceful sound of birds is occasionally interrupted by a  stentorian sneeze from yours truly, it's hard for me to complain about today.

Yesterday, as I mentioned, I chose to simply ignore my inhospitable cold, and went out with my friend Abby, I couldn't have chosen anyone better to celebrate this holiday with. Chiefly because of the fact that she was donning a bright green wig with an array of sparkling shamrock necklaces. It's hard to deny the smile that is permanently on your face when in the presence of someone with that much spirit and love of life. We visited a handful of bars, but the inebriated crowd and sky scraping leprechaun hats, proved to be a tad overwhelming and ultimately, I found myself back at home topping the night off with an episode of SVU, tissues, and very much appreciated cold medicine.


  1. Cute pic, darling!

    And yes it is a gorgeous day!


  2. Despite the cold filled ending...that sounds like a pretty good day to me!