Reasons why I love this week.

Reason #1: My amazing younger brother, Taylor, is home from his "how to be awesome" school in Florida. He works with motorcycles every day, he's pretty cool and I think I'll keep him- which is quite the change of heart from when I was four. 

Reason #2: On Saturday, my older brother will turn 26, and we're making him these, tiramisu cupcakes.

Reason #3: Birthday list making. I can't recall a year (at least since I was eighteen) that haven't  struggled to come up with desired items to put on my birthday list. Although, this time around, the task seems much more painless than the years prior. 

Reason #4: Today kicks off the month of March and I have high expectations in terms of accomplishing goals within the next 3o days.

Reason #5: Alice and Wonderland is playing in theaters on Friday, I am having major trouble containing my anticipation.

...also, how to have a lovely day. I found this list on my cousin Nikki's blog and needed to share. 


  1. Wonderful post, I agree with a lot of your reasons to love this week! And I really want to see Alice too!

  2. i forgot about alice! number 11 on that list should be wear lipstick :) always makes me happy

  3. Cute post and adorable bloggy! :) Love it.

  4. Those cupcakes sound amazing!!! Tiramisu is my FAVORITE....