Birthday in pictures.

As most of you know or have read, yesterday was my 23rd birthday. The first gift I received was actually the night prior, or my birthday eve if you please. My parents took me to see Alice in Wonderland. I instantly fell in love with all of Alice's dresses and even more with her coat of armor towards the end. Also, the White Queen's makeup/costume combination had me in awe each time she came on screen. My second gift, given on my actual birthday, was my new Canon Rebel. As one would have guessed I went a little picture happy and would love to show you some of my first images captured via Rebel. Oh, and happy St. Patrick's day... I'm flying to Ireland in two hours with Lucky Charms (marshmallows only) and champagne in tow. Wishing. But really, I am going out with my partner in crime, Abby, braving the bars downtown. Cheers.

{ruby is always very photogenic}

{vintage photos on the vanity}

{my dad and Hershey... I'm not a fan of the flash but this picture of them is so perfect}


  1. Yay for birthdays and new cameras! Family too:)

  2. Great post (and blog!)

    Will definitely keep reading :)


  3. That camera takes some amazing photos!!! Looking forward to seeing more fab entries from you with lots of pics! Glad you had a great birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday, darling!
    Lovely pics!