Bittersweet symphony.

I received my new Vogue and Harpers Bazaar magazines last week, I routinely found a sunny spot in my house, and sat down to read the articles and gawk over the utterly beautiful spreads. With each turn of the pages, I am reminded of designers, designers and companies that I emailed, shopped, called, and interviewed with, throughout my college career and then some. Each time I come across Hermes ads, I am constantly taken back to the amazing and truly original people that I've met during my internship in the fashion house. And as always, I relive some moments in my mind, smile, and make headway on to the next page.


  1. I am waiting each month holding the breath for my mag delivery! The day I get the package feels like a holiday :)
    Great pictures :)

  2. wow Keri, I never knew all of this about you!!! amazing you had the opportunity to intern with them. beautiful ads too.