An education.

When it comes to movies, I'm not the biggest admirer. I still will take time out every now and then to watch Father of the Bride, Mean Girls, and the occasional Netflix movie, but other than that, I never actually plan on sitting still for two hours to watch a flick, much like some of my movie buff friends. Although yesterday was a different story. I planned on seeing the film, An Education, after I heard lovely Chloe, rave about the story line, the fashions, locations, and the acting. So yesterday, I downloaded the movie off of ITunes, crossing my fingers that I would love it since it wasn't the cheapest movie of the bunch, and just as I had hoped, I was enamored. Carey Mulligan is just so adorable and the overall style of the movie was unbelievably chic (the shots of Paris throughout the movie reassured my desire to visit). An Education was just added to the list of movies that in my opinion, is worth sitting still for.

Photo via We Heart It


  1. i have never heard of thise movie! will definitely have to check it out since I am a new Netflix member and need to load up my queue!

  2. I never seen that movie but I will definietly watch it...
    Have a lovely weekend:)