Sincere simplicity.

I have a recently discovered pet peeve with the term "it's the simple things in life", even though I'm a firm believer, 343%. About ten minutes ago, I traded in my neutral color palette and feminine fitted silhouettes for the evening, and am sporting neon coral sweatpants, and will most likely be kicking it here for the night with my dog and cats. The simple things. A few other undemanding pleasures that I can't get enough of lately are Dear Devon posts, chocolate pudding, radiant colored tulips, delicate hued peonies, and most importantly, fireplaces. The simple things.

Photos via cupcakes and cashmere


  1. aww, lovely post. i agree, sometimes it's the simple things that are the best things!

  2. Beautiful post!
    After a whole day of running around and meetings...I find comfort in putting on my old brown sport pants and a huge tee and just be quite!