Leaving town.

I am counting down the days (2) until I leave for vacation. Braving the rain and thunder storm last night, Abby and I took off to pick up a few last minute things for our trip, check. The last thing on my to do list, is everyone's favorite activity, packing. All trips prior, I find myself putting the packing off until last minute, and all of a sudden it's nine hours before I board the plane and my suitcase is empty. This time will be different. Two days before take off and I'm already half way done? Amazing.

{I have all intentions of spending most of my days a la plage. packed are an even ratio of bikinis to outfits}

{vital accessories. gold bangles will look stunning with a tan}

{proenza, brian, cynthia, valentino... the gang's all here!}

{things I cannot forget. straight works to keep my hair smooth in constant humidity, bobby pins for no fuss styling, sun screen, light florally perfume, lilacism nail polish, aveeno face moisturizer, dylan's candy bar lotion yum, and my notebook that holds my entire life}

Last chance before I zip up my suit case, who wants to come with me?


  1. Looks like you're going somewhere warm! So jealous!

  2. sounds amazing! i love these packing photos, you have some cute clothes and shoes. nice idea to bring a notebook too. have FUN Keri!

  3. where are you going!! somewhere warm i assume! lucky! have fun!! and you should probably do outfit posts with all that amazing jewelry and shoes!

  4. oh a vacation would be so nice. i hope you have an amazing time.
    what lovely things you have!

  5. How fun! I'm one of those weirdos who actually enjoys packing for a vacation. I think its kinda fun to plan outfits ahead of time.

  6. Sounds amazing, I'm so jealous! Pack me with you! Where are you going??