Ocean avenue.

There's little in life better than the combination of a beach, gorgeous dresses, and the early morning sun. In six days, my dear friend Abigail and I are boarding a three hour flight to the southern part of the country to visit our other dear friend, Kellie. I am most looking forward to lazy/crazy days on the beach, meeting tons of people, breaking out my new summer apparel, and irreplaceable girl talk over even girly-er drinks... yes I did just make up a word. No matter the venue or how crowded the beaches are, soaking up the rays, and more importantly each other's company, sounds like a vacation well spent. I am expecting to step off the plane in two weeks, with a tan as deep as the friendship that we've formed over the past twelve years.

photos via marcus ohlsson, and daria ebowy via {this is glamorous}


  1. Gooooooorgeous pics!
    Have an amazing trip, darling!


  2. such beautiful pictures.
    i want to be there, on the beach.<3

  3. I love the first picture..... friends like that are meant to be cherished.......


  4. The last picture is my fave. Love that fur vest.