Long Island.

Long Island can at times have a bad rep, right up there with New Jersey. If you take away the fist pumping juice heads, techno music, and exaggerated accents, this area can be the most diverting getaway spot, and it was just what I needed. This past week was spent in Long Island, LI natives say "on Long Island" and I'm having the hardest time justifying this, but whatever. Boyfriend and I visited an extremely chilly bay, jumped in and out of the city for unexpected shopping trips and low key dinners, and devoured "heros" from TJ's,  a small, less than lavish, but amazing none the less, "hero" shop. Another thing questionable about Long Island, "heros" vs. subs, but being a girlfriend to a native Long Islander, I choose to go with the flow and sacrifice some New York terms for a while. I didn't take nearly enough pictures as I had intended, but the events that I did capture constantly remind me of why I love this little area so much.

{private jet on the way to LI... um, I'll take it}

{did I ever mention how questionable, flying over an ocean makes me feel? as an attempt to distract myself I tried capturing the above the cloud sunrise}

{we took the tripod out with us}

{and spent the greater part of the day among the docks}



  1. beautiful mile high picture....

  2. Those are beautiful photos! Especially the last two.


  3. stunning photos. that's so cool you took a private jet to get there! glad you had a nice relaxing weekend :)

  4. umm private jet yes please!!!
    such pretty docks!!

  5. I love Long Island!
    Holla for that jet, darling K!