Florida vacation.

I returned early Sunday morning from my week long vacation in Florida, visiting one of my best friends and my younger brother. Needless to say, it was so hard to leave! Waking up around ten, joining in a few pool parties all day, going out to delicious restaurants with friends, and spontaneous (to say the least) night activities. We rented a convertible, which in my opinion is the only way to roll in Florida, went to an aquarium, spent dinner at the ocean, and even managed to get kicked out of a bar, I promise, it wasn't my fault. Vacations always go by too quickly, but the memories via photos are something that will last far longer than sun kissed tans and sand in your clothes.

{this bay is my friends back yard}

{never in my life have I seen so many cute dogs/super nice people in one area}

{I underestimated how great a night sipping on water felt in lieu of throwing back numerous fruity cocktails}

{I'm having a hard time understanding why pools such as this aren't mandatory for each household?}

{aquariums and zoos leave me felling melancholy, although this picture seems a bit cheerful to me, don't they look happy?}

{speaking of happy}

{kellie, me, and abby dancing away in our own little world}

{florida sky}

It's good to be back. xx


  1. Welcome back, darling Keri!
    Looks like an amazing trip!
    Fab pics ~ especially loving that gorgeous sunset :)


  2. aww, looks like such a fun trip! :) love your hm garden dress, so cute!!

  3. So fun. Makes me anxious to get out of town this weekend! AND I'm loving seeing that H&M dress on someone else. Darling. Wearing for a wedding in August and I can hardly wait to bust it out:)

  4. hello amazing vacation! and agreed with the pool thing. even in sf. its hot like 3 days a year here. but on those days, we REALLY need a pool

  5. I loved this post! You and your friends are too cute, it looks like you had a blast drinking and dancing the night away. The view in the first photo is stunning! Glad you had such a fun time and thanks for sharing your experiences on being 21 too :)

  6. we must have just missed each other ;) glad you had a great time!! You deserve it! xoxo

  7. You may be with me in Paris, but I WISH I was with you in Florida!!!! You all look like you are having so much fun and just enjoying every moment. I'll take a mojito please.