Who knows what today is? Anyone?... okay, well, since no one volunteered to answered my question, I guess I'll have to go ahead and tell you. Today, January 8th, is my boyfriend's 23rd birthday! I hopped on a plane and flew to his home town in Long Island to spend the weekend drinking margaritas and eating mexican. As thrilled as I am to spend a couple hours tonight, indulging at Benny's Burritos in the west village (so psyched), I am more excited to give him his 3rd birthday present from me in his entire history of life. Thanks to the numerous *blogettes that I've bumped into through blogging, Abby Try Again, more specifically, his gift is unique with tons of thought behind it. Happy birthday, Spudge!


*Blogette = a fellow blogger on whom you have a bloggy crush. Blogette. Thank you, bee . Xx!

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