A more important note.

You don't need me to tell you about the calamitous damage that now exists in Haiti due to a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Today I am setting aside the posts about stilettos, cupcakes, and skirts and trading them in for a much more important rambling. 

It's hard to image how many families have been split up, deaths, and the countless people who are now left without shelter or food, due to this event. I can't even begin to fathom if I, or anyone I loved, were in this situation. The most any of us can do, is donate money to one of the several Haiti Earthquake relief funds that will go towards food, clean water, blankets, tents etc. This is especially important due to the fact that the people of Haiti are substantially vulnerable owing to the fact of poor infrastructure and acute poverty. The smallest of donations can still make a difference to so many people in need. 

Below is a list of links where donations are currently being accepted:

World Vision, Haiti Earthquake Relief
HaitiAction.net , Haiti Emergency Relief Fund

Today's to do: Give an extra big hug to my dearest family and friends.

Photo cred: flickr

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