Stunner stripes.

Let's take some time to talk about stripes, shall we; horizontal, vertical, plaid, what have you. There's something je ne sais quoi, that makes the pattern so transitional from the shivering days of winter, to the revitalizing mild breeze of spring. For example. Plaid: many think of school, there we have fall. On the other hand, others think picnic, spring. Getting my drift? Great. So, in conclusion, if I commit to any shopping here on until March, mostly I will be purchasing stripes and plaid. But since I am feeling a little nautical nutty, you can bet on an emphasis of sailor stripes.

1. Torn by Ronny Kobo  
2. Elizabeth and James
3. Topshop  
4. Elizabeth and James 
5. Forever 21 
6. Tucker 
7. Torn by Ronny Kobo 


  1. Love the first and last dresses!
    Gorgeous stripes, darlings!


    P.S. Glad today's shoe post cheered you up :)

  2. Tell me about it- I need the last one shoulder asap. And yes, you totally saved me today!